Honeymoon Pictures

Self Portrait - In our RoomHowdy folks.

Just wanted to let y’all know that I’ve finally gotten pictures of the honeymoon to Maui posted to the web, including the crappy waterproof camera pictures taken whilst snorkeling. Most have at least a descriptive title so you can know what you’re looking at.

Honeymoon in Maui via Flickr.com


Yes, I am planning on detailing out our Maui adventure at some point… I just haven’t gotten to it yet. I will soon, however!

Speaking of Flickr, I believe there are still some of you who have not uploaded your wedding photos to the flickr account. We REALLY would like you to share them. Please contact me if you need assistance.

Wedding Day

The Big DayI’m finally getting to writing about the big day from my point of view.  It’s still mostly fresh in my memory, but we’ll see.  For the record, this post is probably a bit short on jokes, and long on a straight rehash of what actually went down.  Mainly, this is for me to remember in 20 years what actually went down the big day.

My best man John stayed the night with me (as Jess was staying at the Red Lion Hotel).  We had stayed up late playing video golf on the xbox and I rolled out of bed about 9am or so.  We sat around and watched a little TV and talked a bit, but then he headed off to his brother’s house (in our neighborhood) to prepare for the day.  So, I was on my own.

I can tell you this now… I was very anxious.  I wasn’t nervous, but I couldn’t sit still and couldn’t focus on anything.  I basically wandered around the empty house wondering why time was going so s-l-o-w-l-y.  Ugh, that was the worst.  After about an our of that, which felt like 5 hours, I finally decided that it was time to hit it.  I started to get ready about 10:30am and jumped in the shower.

I wasn’t in the shower 5 minutes before I heard a door close and someone shout.  Thinking it might be John, I didn’t worry about it… Until I heard doors opening and closing multiple times.  Since John would come in and park it on the couch, I knew something else was up.  So, I rush through my shower to see what was going on.  When I get out and walk into the living room I find Jess’ uncles Tom and Ron in the kitchen whipping up a storm for the brunch that was to happen on Sunday morning.

That threw me off a bit, just because I wasn’t expecting it and I have a hard time relaxing when people are in the house.  I went back into the bedroom to finish up getting ready.  Later in the day, I realized that in my haste to get dressed and see who was in the house, I neglected to put on any pit-stick.  This will come into play later…

After I was dressed and put together, I started loading up the car with all of the stuff I needed to take down to the Linen Building for the service and reception.  John rolled up and we were on the road.  I needed to find $80 in singles to use for the photo booth at the reception, so I stopped and one bank on the way, but it was closed.  No big deal, but we moved on.

Reception Room We hit the Linen Building around noon and found Jess’ dad and a few aunts and uncles around.  We put all of the tables together and and got all the various decorations out and ready.  After about 45 minutes that was finished and I needed to go check in to the Modern Hotel across the street (the Bridal Suite).  As I was doing this, my other groomsmen started showing up as we were scheduled for “guy” pictures at 1pm.

I still needed to get that cash, so I bolted out in search of a bank.  The first one I stopped at wasn’t open.  The second one was only open at the drive through and they couldn’t send that much cash through the tube.  I went to the nearby Albertsons and asked the courtesy counter if I could by the singles, and they said they didn’t have that many.  So, I had to jet 20 blocks to the nearest Albertsons with a bank inside.

I get down there and ask for the singles, and the counter lady I’m sure thought I had a stripper party that night or something.  Oh well… I also picked up some beers and cokes for the guys in the room.  I was going to stop and get something to eat along the way, but I was already 10 minutes “late” for the pictures to start in the room, so I just ran back to the suite.

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Some Wedding Goodness

Since we have just returned back to the real world, I’m just now getting around to some things about the wedding. Enjoy.

First up, those of you who were there, might recall the infamous “cell phone” moment that occurred just as Jess was saying her vows.  What you might not know, if you didn’t hear the scuttlebutt about it after, is this…  It was my father’s phone.  Wait, it gets better.  See, he handed his phone to my mom to hold in her purse, yet did not remember to shut it off.  Of course, it rings at the most inopportune time.  So, mom is apparently fumbling through her purse to find the damn thing, but not being the most technical person, she can’t turn it off, so she’s gotta hand it to dad to finally get it off.  The whole time, I did not dare to look over at what all the commotion was least I lose my mind.  Little did I know it was my own family in the front row!

Now, it would be one thing if it was just a nice simple ring.  But nooooo… Dad’s gotta have this festive marimba type tune that keeps playing and playing.  Don’t believe me?  See for yourself below… My favorite part is when it gets even louder as mom successfully removes it from her purse.

In other wedding stuff news, I have uploaded a bunch of my own photos to our shared flickr.com account.  I know a few of you have already added your pics to the pool and I thank you graciously.  For those of you who haven’t, I’m going to keep reminding you until you do it.  As always, if you need the login information or help, just post a comment or email me and I’ll get it to you.

You can view all of the latest pics here:

Finally, I’m going to leave you with a art series.  I call it “The Decline of John – In Pictures”.  It is a three part series, each one shows the effects of alcohol and emotion on a best man at a wedding.  John, I love you, and I love these pics.  Enjoy!

Part 1, The Decent
Jason's Own Wedding Pics

Part 2, The Fall
Jason's Own Wedding Pics

Part 3, The Finale
Jason's Own Wedding Pics

That’s all for now… there will be much more to come in the near future.

Aaaaaand We’re Back

I suppose I should post something here to let everyone know that we made it back in one piece.

Maui was absolutely amazing. We didn’t want to leave, but real life beckoned. Thus, we are back and hard at work trying to catch up.

Somehow when we were gone, all of our flowers and herbs died and our lawn was taken over by weeds and crabgrass. The house is still a wreck from having 50 people over Sunday after the wedding (namely the floors are disgusting). We have piles of laundry and the office is full of all those gifts everyone was so kind to give us. Hooo boy… thank you cards…

The travel day was exceptionally long. Story to come. This morning was also a little rough on me as my body still on Maui time, which meant my alarm went off at 3am.

But all things being equal, it is still very nice to come home. Now, we get to get on with our normal lives and don’t have to think wedding 24×7.

I will get pictures of everything posted asap. And speaking of pictures I know there were more of you who took photos at the wedding/reception who still need to post them to the flickr account. (View the pics that have been uploaded here: http://flickr.com/photos/habermans/) Please email me if you need the login information.

It’s nice and cool outside and football is 4 days away. LIFE IS GOOD!

We Made It

On the LanaiAfter some, shall we say minor travel difficulties we have arrived at our destination. Upon arrival, the Westin attempted to screw us, but Jess lubricated the way and got us just what we needed.

Now? Heaven.

Last night was an amazing dinner on the beach watching the sun set. Today I have a surprise for Jess at noon, and another awesome dinner paid for by some of our friends. The decompression has begun!

Ahhhhh…. Maui.


Well, we’re done. Literally and figuratively. Jess and I are partied out, hung over, exhausted, yet very very happy.

Big, big, BIG thanks to all who made it to the ceremony and reception. You all made it 10x better than we could have imagined.

We’ve got family over and more on the way, so I’m off to more mingiling.

We set foot in Maui in exactly 27 hours and 17 minutes.

Wedding Week – Part 2

Now its really ramping up.


After another uneventful day at work, Jess gave me some “time off”. This is a thing that I get being an introvert that she totally understands. She went to her parents house and was mingling with the arriving family. Meanwhile, I was off the hook and was able to go home and chill out by myself. Recharge the batteries. I love being by myself and it is always a treat for me to really just spend that time to get geared back up. So, thats what I did. After I picked up the printed programs on my way home (which look amazing, if I do say so myself) I ate a little dinner… watched a little olympics… played a little NCAA Football 09. You know, normal stuff.

She came home and we did a little wedding stuff… just more organizing and whatnot. We were in bed by about 10.


Now we’re starting to get somewhere. Jess was actually off on Wed, so she was able to get a lot of last minute things cranked out. I was still working however. After work, I went over to her parents house for dinner with the entire family in from out of town. It was nice to meet everyone, but I’m not great with names to begin with, so I think I forgot them 3.4 seconds after I was told. But, the good thing is I’m good with faces, so I know who the are, just not who they are. I was still kinda wiped out from work, but it was fun.

After that, all of Jess’ cousins in town and siblings came over to see the house, have a couple drinks and play a little Rock Band. It was almost like an impromptu party since we had 10 people there (including us). But it was a lot of fun, and they all left around 9:30. Jess and I basically went straight to bed after that.

So far we’ve had but a taste of the insanity that is to follow. I can’t believe it’s already here. December 1st seems like it was so recent, but we’re talking over 9 months ago.

Just under 60 hours to go.

Wedding Week – Part 1

This is it.

I’m sure these next few posts will be short on creativity, long on just what is going on, and are mainly designed for me to remember this whole process  But, there is no reason you fine folks out there can’t come along for the ride.

Saturday and Sunday:

I spent most of Saturday and Sunday designing all of the printed materials for the wedding.  Programs and whatnot.  This was time consuming because I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to that sort of stuff… finding just the right font and getting the layout just right, so on and so forth.  So, after several hours of that, my eyes were crossing.  I broke only to get my hair cut and to set up the fancy new flickr account.

Sunday afternoon I also spent some time digging crabgrass out of the front lawn.  We never actually got weed and feed down on the lawn this year, and it looks like shit.  But we have been a bit on the preoccupied side lately, so I guess everyone will understand.  Unfortunately, I was a dumbass and spent about an hour bent over at the waist.  Now, my hamstrings are punishing my for my stupidity.  I’m hobling around like a schmuck.  Good times.


Monday at work I was not too busy at all.  Which I suppose is a good thing, but at the same time, it didn’t make the time go very fast.  Everyone here at work is super cool including my boss, who I know has directed work away from me leading up to this whole shebang.  Thanks Mike.

The evening was spent with our running around like chickens with our heads cut off.  Jess was doing an awesome time cleaning the house.  I spent time vacuuming and fixing some printed stuff a bit for the printer.

I don’t know, but this “brunch/open house/gift opening” thing that is at our house on Sunday is kinda… um… inopportune.   I mean, we are trying to get everything assembled that needs to go down for the actual wedding… get everything we need to take for ourselves to stay the wedding night in the hotel… not to mention to start getting things prepped for a week in Maui.  On top of that, the house has got to be spotless since so many friends and family (many of whom haven’t seen it yet) will be coming by.  It’s all a bit much.  The stress level is rising hourly.

But, she really got stuff cleaned.  I assembled some of our electronics to take on vacation and various other little things.  After a long hot bath trying to limber up my stiff legs, we both crashed into bed about 10pm.

I’m gonna have to find some energy stores here soon.  Although, I’m sure I’ll fly through the actual events on sheer adrenaline and booze.  The best part is once things are happening, I can stop thinking about and planning them.  Sounds great to me.

More to come.

Photo Sharing

Welcome to my first real “mobile” blog post. I’m currently waiting for a hair cut and the lady is running behind. Time to blog!

Anyways, remember when I said this weekend would be serene? Yeah, forget that. I’ve spent all day working on wedding stuff. Programs were first up. So, I spent a bunch of time choosing fonts and I’m still not happy with what I’ve come up with. So more to come there.

I did get one thing accomplished though. Jess had the idea to set up a Flickr.com account and invite guests to upload their pics they take of the big day. Great way to share all the photos I thought. Consider this your notice to bring your cameras and take lots of snaps. User name and password will be available at the reception (on some sweet little cards I did today) or by emailing me. You won’t need that info to browse tho. Should be fun.

I will also upload the pics of the combined bachelor/ette party that we had that I never wrote about.

Oops! Cut time!


Here is the link to the party photos I mentioned… if I get time, I’ll write a little more about it.

By the way, if you have photos of Jess and I you would like to add to that Flickr.com account (http://www.flickr.com/photos/habermans/) email me for the credentials and I’ll get them to you.

One Week

Well, here we are.  T-Minus One Week and counting.

Amazing where time goes sometimes.  Remarkably, we don’t seem to be scrambling much at the moment.  Sure, we’re busy, but everything feels calm and in control.  Of course, check back with me in 5 or 6 days and you might get a different answer.  I’m sure 100% of this current state of serenity is due to all the work Jess has put in since December 1st.  Thank god she is the organized one… I can’t imagine where this whole production would be without her.  Well, that’s a stupid point, because if she weren’t around, then there wouldn’t be a wedding, but you know what I mean.

This weekend will undoubtedly be the last serenity we get until Maui on the 18th.  Once Sunday is over, then it is damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.  Family starts rolling into town.  Once that happens, I’m sure the insanity will reach the fever pitch.  I’m going to have to seriously take care to get some quality alone recharge time this week so I’m good and ready for the big day on Saturday.

An interesting thing has taken place in my brain since we started this whole process back in December.  Early on, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the last time I did all this back in 2003.  You know, those same discussions about plans and locations and whatnot.  It was very odd, and I couldn’t help it.   It was still fresh in my brain.  But, since then, the memories of the last time around have faded further and further.  Right now, I honestly can’t remember what went on leading up to the ceremony day last time.  Which is a great thing.  I’m all about now.  It is so nice what time can do.

Not to mention, that I have no inner turmoil this time around.  I won’t lie, I had doubts last time.  I can vividly remember having a mini-freakout while driving once about getting married.  I obviously knew somewhere in my brain that it wasn’t right.

This time?  It’s the clearest of clear sailing.  Not one single time have I had even the remotest doubt anywhere in my subconscious.  To be perfectly honest, until I got half way through this post, I didn’t even realize that I hadn’t had any doubts.   That just tells me that I could not be making a better decision hitching my wagon with Jess.

I’m genuinely excited for the future.  Not just surviving.  Not just making do.  Thriving.  I can’t imagine where we go from here, but I guarantee it will be a hell of a ride.