Poinsettia Bowl – Ugh.

So, the game is over. We lost. I’m not happy about it.

I’m struggling to come up with positives from this game… Since it is Christmas and I’m depressed. If I don’t get in the spirit a bit more Jess will kick my ass.

The Positives:

  1. The cliche’ “it’s something to build on”. This seems to be a team of hyper competitive guys and a loss will only help propel them through the winter conditioning and spring practices.
  2. It was supposed to be a rebuilding year. 12-1 is a heckuva rebuild.
  3. We are very young. That only bodes well for the future, right?
  4. Moore is not Zabransky despite doing his best Z impression at the end of the game. However, I am pretty sick of ending bowl games with an interception. We know he will watch that tape about 567 times before next season.
  5. Despite the loss, we will most likely start next season ranked.
  6. I didn’t purchase any of that dumbass “Perfect Season” merch the BSU bookstore was hawking for the past month.
  7. My DVR is not going to be clogged with 4 hours of HD football programming that I can’t delete. I deleted the recording about .002 seconds after the game ended.

As a postscript, I have to say something about watching the game last night. That #$&*$% “Interactive Tuesday” crawl at the top of the screen filled me with a searing white-hot hate that has yet to be extinguished. Hey ESPN, there is a reason I choose not to visit friggin message boards. The rage I feel reading what “fans” have to say (even the pro-Boise State ones) make me homicidal. For the safety of myself, and everyone around me, I do not frequent message boards. Nor do I frequent any place where the unwashed masses discuss college football (IdahoStatesman.com comment sections, I’m looking at you…). Now you’re going to force that same infuriating crap down my throat DURING the game? There is a special ring of hell reserved for the programing nerd who thought that one up.

In case you’re not aware of what I’m talking about, there was a bar across the screen, above the score that ESPN invited fans to submit comments online which would then scroll across the screen. Basically what we ended up with was 3 and a half hours of pithy comments like, “Boise sux. TCU is gonna roll!” or “Boize wont never get a BCS game until they toughen there schedule!!”. URGE TO KILL RISING……

Ok, that’s enough.

Merry Christmas everyone!

PS. When I’m off next week, keep your eyes on the blog as I’m thinking I’m going to make some sweeping upgrades to the blog. I’m unsure what exactly I will do, but it will be something new. That’s exciting, huh?

Winter Garden Aglow Pictures

Last night some friends and we went to the Winter Garden Aglow at the Idaho Botanical Garden.  It was nice to see all the lights.  Apparently, they start putting them up around September.  This was the first time we were able to get there when there was snow on the ground, which made it all the better.

I used our new Canon XSi DSLR which I’m still learning how to use.  Also, I didn’t have any sort of tripod with me, so many of the shots turned out a touch blurry on the slow shutter speed.

To view all the photos, go here.  Or click on each one to view larger.

Christmas Lights

Arch Lights

Jess in Lights

Welcome Fire

Christmas Lights

Friends in Fire

Christmas Light

Quantum of Solace – Dec 18th

quantum-solace-poster-2I can’t believe it has been almost 5 months since I’ve been to a movie, but the record doesn’t lie. George and I finally made it back to the theater last night to check out the latest Bond flick, Quantum of Solace. As always, there will undoubtedly be some spoilers in this review.

Quantum of Solace (yes, I think it is a ridiculous title as well) begins exactly where Casino Royale leaves off. I really enjoyed Casino Royale. Far more than any of the previous 5 or 6 Bond flicks before it. It was real, and gritty and visceral. QoS was obviously in the same vein.

The plot revolves around an evil organization that has so far remained unknown to the worlds major intelligence agencies. But, apparently they have “people everywhere” including M’s personal body guard. *insert action sequence* This evil org is obviously very well financed and even better at staying hidden. However, that doesn’t stop them from sewing the seeds of revolution and instability around the globe for financial gain. Bond, in is bulldog-like tenacity is on to something. In seeking information and/or retribution for the death of Vesper (his love in the first flick) he his on the trail of these folks. Unfortunately, he has a bad habit of killing everyone he comes across instead of actually pumping them for information, much to the chagrin of his bosses back in London. Oops.

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Beard Final Judging with Pictures

Hello all,

Regular readers, and those that scroll down a bit, have seen the whole beard fiasco play out before them.  Well, now you can see all the Wirestone beard participants complete with before and after photos of each one.


Let me tell you, there are some PRICELESS shots over there.

I can honestly say, now that I’ve shaved that damn thing off, that it was somewhat fun to be a part of.  Now, we’ll find out how I rank in the judging.  My guess would be not well.

Beard, Beard Go Away…

Ding dong the witch is dead!

Ok, that might be a bit strong, but the beard is gone.  Literally circled the drain a approximately 7:30pm, Friday December 12th.  I cannot adequately describe just how heavenly it was to lose that thing.  I feel like a new man.  I feel faster.  Younger.  Cleaner.  Smarter.

If this is your first visit, some background:

One Month In

Since they say a picture is worth 1000 words, then this post will be something like 21,000 words.  All of these photos were taken by my lovely assistant and wife, Jess. So long “muppet kisses”! Without further ado…


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Extreme Makeover – Beard Edition

I know, I’ve been slacking terribly. The blog has suffered in direct proportion to the length of my horrible beard-hair.  It must know how much I hate it.  How much I want to write about how bad it sucks.  Obviously, the beard has achieved sentience and is now taking greater and greater control of my life.

Beard, let me tell you something… your days are numbered.  Come Friday, you will be little more than scattered hairs clogging my sink.  An ignominious end for such a constant and horrific part of my life for the previous 2 months.  What follows are the observations and dislikes about having just such patchy carpet on my face.

Early on, it was itchy.  Like really itchy.  Normally, I shave about every three days or so since I don’t have the follicle coverage to require daily shaving.  So, towards the end of the first week, I really wasn’t in too much discomfort.  However, this quickly escalated.

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