What’s been goin down

Mom, this post is for you.

See, I’ve been… slightly lax… in updating my blog here lately.  Blame it on our crazy schedules, blame it on Facebook and Twitter, blame it on my sheer laziness.  I saw my mom this past weekend, and she said that since I haven’t been updating my blog, she’s got no idea what has been going on with us.

So, without further ado, here is what has been happening recently.

We are presently in the middle of “wedding season”.  This past weekend was cram packed with the wedding festivites of Jess’ sister.  With family in from out of town and all the requisite wedding activities, we were pretty busy.  The service was nice, weather turned out perfectly.  Unfortunately, this is not the end of our wedding escapades.  Next weekend is another wedding for some friends.  Fortunately, neither of us are in this wedding, but Jess is on board to bake cupcakes for it.  I guess the bride asked a bunch of friends to do this… don’t ask me why.  Then the following weekend, Jess is heading up to Lewiston for the wedding of a sorority sister of hers.  The weekend after that, is a getaway reception/party in McCall for the friends who were married (with the cupcakes).  Whew.  I think that’s it.

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Slight Blog Tweak

I’ve finally taken the 10 minutes it cost me to tweak the blog a little bit.

If you’re a semi regular visitor you might notice now that the content area is wider than it was.  Previously, I was frustrated by the fact that my content area was so narrow, specifically when posting images.  I could only go so big before the damn thing would blow up.

Now it is definitely wider (by 200px).  Of course, I don’t think I’m done futzing with it.  I’m really kinda bored with the look and feel of this thing and want to go in another direction.  The only thing that is stopping me is the fact that I really like my rotating headers I have and I don’t want to have to recreate them or something to fit a new layout.  As you can see, they don’t fit the new width and perhaps I’ll do something with that soon.

Since I basically play with HTML and CSS all day at work, it really isn’t high on my list of things to tackle once I get home.  But maybe I’ll have another slightly larger burst of energy to completely change this blog layout around.

Stay tuned.