Views of Downtown Boise

A few weeks ago, Jess and I went down to the Saturday farmer’s market downtown.  I brought my camera along just for giggles.  I did a little shooting.  Here is what I got.  As always, the images link to the Flickr page where you can view the images larger.  View all the images here.

US Bank Building – Idaho’s tallest.

US Bank Building - Downtown Boise

The Aspen Building – The new “skinny” building in BoDo.

The Aspen Building - Downtown Boise

Wells Fargo Building – or geometric minimalism.

Wells Fargo Building - Downtown Boise

Main Street

Downtown Boise - Main Street

Idanha on Main Street – I like how the One Capital Center seems to loom on this one.

Downtown Boise

And my favorite shot, Leku Ona on the Basque Block.  Just love the contrast and colors of this one.

Leku Ona - Downtown Boise

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

Arizona MemorialIn honor of the holiday, I spent a few minutes on, which is a service to tweet muisc.  Don’t ask.

Anyway, I scored my own fireworks show, you know, were I to have one.  This is what my fireworks show would sound like.  I’m sure you can picture the brightly colored explosions perfectly timed to the following tunes. U.S. Merchant Marine Band – Semper Fidelis John Philip Sousa – Stars and Stripes Forever Williams, John – Theme From Superman Boston Pops – Indiana Jones Theme John Philip Sousa – Battle Hymn of the Republic Aaron Copeland – Hoe Down George C. Scott as Patton – Patton Speech (I would play this as voice over a few of the songs) Aaron Copeland – Fanfare for the Common Man Back To The Future theme Top Gun – Theme Band of the Fighting Irish – Notre Dame Victory March Chet Atkins, Roy Clark – Dueling Banjos James Brown – Living in America

Grand Finale: Neil Diamond – Coming To America

Yes, the requisite fireworks show would have cost millions of dollars (at least the one I had in my head would) so, the best I can do is the music.

Happy Independence Day folks.  I love this country.