One Week

Well, here we are.  T-Minus One Week and counting.

Amazing where time goes sometimes.  Remarkably, we don’t seem to be scrambling much at the moment.  Sure, we’re busy, but everything feels calm and in control.  Of course, check back with me in 5 or 6 days and you might get a different answer.  I’m sure 100% of this current state of serenity is due to all the work Jess has put in since December 1st.  Thank god she is the organized one… I can’t imagine where this whole production would be without her.  Well, that’s a stupid point, because if she weren’t around, then there wouldn’t be a wedding, but you know what I mean.

This weekend will undoubtedly be the last serenity we get until Maui on the 18th.  Once Sunday is over, then it is damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.  Family starts rolling into town.  Once that happens, I’m sure the insanity will reach the fever pitch.  I’m going to have to seriously take care to get some quality alone recharge time this week so I’m good and ready for the big day on Saturday.

An interesting thing has taken place in my brain since we started this whole process back in December.  Early on, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the last time I did all this back in 2003.  You know, those same discussions about plans and locations and whatnot.  It was very odd, and I couldn’t help it.   It was still fresh in my brain.  But, since then, the memories of the last time around have faded further and further.  Right now, I honestly can’t remember what went on leading up to the ceremony day last time.  Which is a great thing.  I’m all about now.  It is so nice what time can do.

Not to mention, that I have no inner turmoil this time around.  I won’t lie, I had doubts last time.  I can vividly remember having a mini-freakout while driving once about getting married.  I obviously knew somewhere in my brain that it wasn’t right.

This time?  It’s the clearest of clear sailing.  Not one single time have I had even the remotest doubt anywhere in my subconscious.  To be perfectly honest, until I got half way through this post, I didn’t even realize that I hadn’t had any doubts.   That just tells me that I could not be making a better decision hitching my wagon with Jess.

I’m genuinely excited for the future.  Not just surviving.  Not just making do.  Thriving.  I can’t imagine where we go from here, but I guarantee it will be a hell of a ride.

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  1. Awesome. Jess, you’re the perfect addition to this mildly crazy and wonderful family. I’m so happy that you guys found each other. It seems that through great heartache come even greater growth. You’ve come a long way in a short time Jas. I’m really happy for you.

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