Under Pressure

This is an email I just got from my good buddy George. Some of you know ol’ Jorge. Here is how he’s been doing in the past couple days. To wish him the best, deckroid@gmail.com

A’ight here is a recap of the last 48 hours:

Sunday morning – 9am
I checked my blood pressure, as I was told to do by my doc 3 times a
week. J checks hers. It is alarmingly high, off to the hospital we go.
They hook her up to machines for an hour or so then tell us to go
home and for her to be off her feet unless going potty. During this
time, she has to do a 24 hour pee gathering thing for some test.

Monday morning – 11am
Results of the 24 hour pee thing: SHITTY. Oh oh, take J to Boise to
the NeoNatal ICU for her to be monitored, baby to be monitored

Monday evening – 7pm
Pressure is building within me. I feel like I am about to freakin explode.

Tuesday Morning – 9am
Getting ready to get to Boise to see J, the tree guys show up and
start taking out the 3 trees in front, and they get into an argument
with the contractor who is trying to get his shit into the house to
work on the bathroom. More pressure…. this time, my vision blurrs
and a massive headache… fuck, I am having the early warning signs of
a heart attack. Fuck.

Tuesday Afternoon – 1pm
Get results of J’s overnight stay. Baby is coming out March 2nd or
before. Depends on J’s condition. Original Due Date: March 23. J is
going to have to be extra careful from now until baby time, feet up,
no stress. We have no fucking bathroom. We are staying at her parents.
No stress? Aw fuck!

J is also going to have to go to the hospital twice a week to hook up
to machines to ensure baby is fine and momma is fine.

Dude, I dont know if I am going to live to see my child. Back when I
was single and had no real worries, I would breathe and let Bad Shit
flow through me. No Stress was my motto: My Montra, if you will.
Fuck, now I got to worry about all this crap… will the bathroom be
done in time to bring the new baby home? Is J and Baby going to be ok
with 3 weeks early delivery? Will I kill my In-Laws? Why does the
front of my house STILL look like a warzone? (Plumbing pieces, wall
bits, insulation and other bathroom crap mixed with huge tree parts
sawdust and bark and twigs and GAAA!)

I think a blood vessle just broke in my eye.

I am really going to need a beer night out this week. What you got
going on? You booked solid?

Lemme know. Oh, yeah, feel free to pass along this sorrowful saga to yer fam.

2 Replies to “Under Pressure”

  1. Life isn’t so bad. Baby and mommy are fine…just bored. You might think that sitting on your ass all day watching tv would be nice, but when you’re not ALLOWED to do anything else, it really sucks. But we’ll all persevere.

  2. You know, Jocele… you wouldn’t be so bored if you were to get an Xbox 360!

    I doubt that George would be interested in such nonsense, but imagine how great those high def graphics would look on that fancy new TV!

    Think about it… thank me later. 🙂

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