I hate the Colts

I hate the Colts. Hate them. Before, I was only mildly displeased with them, but now, I full on hate them. Allow me to explain.

Before, I just hated Peyton Manning. Nothing against the Colts as an organization or anything. I just hated that gigantic head having, country bumpkin sounding, sell everything that isn’t tied down schmuck. That opening weekend of NFL games I think I saw a Manning commercial every single break. It got to the point where I really really wanted him to get hit by a truck. And it only got worse from there.

But, it started well before that. I’ve NEVER liked Peyton Manning. Ever. Not even when he was in college. I hate his huge head. I hate his bobbing at the line of scrimmage. I hate the way he talks in that ‘aww shucks’ Forrest Gump sorta way. I think he’s a phony. And when he showed up on every single commercial for 17 weeks, my hatred only grew.

But now, the Colts have actually cost me money. In the office pool I was in, I had terrible numbers (the type of pool where you buy squares). However, at the end of the game, it was all set for me to pull down $75 bucks. All they had to do was kick the field goal and it’s mine. Well, what do they do? They instead go for it on 4th down. They don’t make it, and win the game, but dammit… If they just kick the damn field goal… $75 bucks. It was as good as mine.

Now granted… we’re not exactly talking big bucks here. A few years ago when Fresno State played Virginia in the MPC Computers Bowl here in Boise, I stood to win $300. But, Fresno had to go and score with less than a minute left to win the game and take my money away. It’s just the principle of the thing.

Oh well.

I did have a pretty good Super Bowl Sunday anyway. Super Bowls usually aren’t that interesting to me in that I don’t really have a favorite pro team. Growing up in Boise, I just never fell in love with that one team for life. So, as big a football fan as I am, I usually just enjoy watching the game. I wish Chicago would have won, but I didn’t really expect that they would.

I really went all out with my contribution to the fare at the party at my sisters place. I decided to make a sausage bread. But, I didn’t have an exact recipe I liked, so I just winged it. I made the dough from an Alton Brown recipe (find it here). Then I cooked up some sausage and cut up some bell peppers. Layered it all out, rolled it up and baked that bad boy. If you’re interested in a more detailed description of what I put together, let me know.

Sausage Bread Sausage Bread

Me n' my breadFor my first attempt at it, it turned out quite well. Everyone seemed to really like it. Maybe they were just being polite, but I don’t care. I like to cook, and to get compliments on your efforts is great.

Cross SectionI think I used a little too much filling, but live and learn. Next time it will be much better.

Anyway, football is over. It is the worst time of year. I get no NHL on TV. I don’t really care about NBA at all. College basketball is OK, but BSU is mediocre at best. Baseball doesn’t start for 2 months.

We do have an Arena league team starting here in a month… Maybe that will be enough to quench my football thirst until late summer when we get it all cranked up again.

Or, I can just watch the Fiesta Bowl again…and again… and again… and again… and again…