Paging Dr. Spaceman

I want to use this space to implore any of you who might still be reading this to watch a new show. I think it has taken over as one of the funniest sitcoms to come around in years. If you miss Seinfeld, you might like this show.  It is different, but equally as funny.

The show is “30 Rock” on NBC.

I can’t even describe how funny this show is. It is very well written (much like Seinfeld), and the characters are tremendous.

The premise of the show is behind the scenes of an SNL type sketch comedy show. One thing that is great about it, is that they are using “NBC” as NBC.  Usually when you have a TV show about a TV show, they use some made up network (like in Studio 60) so they don’t step on any toes. But here, they are able to crack jokes about current NBC shows, jokes about GE owning the network, etc etc. It really adds something to the show. You might not notice at first, but it is refreshing when they make reference to something you already know about NBC.

The series began as the show within the show gets a new boss (Alec Baldwin) who brings in an insane movie actor (Tracy Morgan) to be the new star. The characters are so snappy and funny that the situations they get in are absolutely hilarious.

For example, in one episode, Tracy forgets to take his med (which apparently keep him somewhat sane). They are trying to get the name of his doctor from him, but he keeps babbling about “Doctor Spaceman”. Naturally, they throw up their hands and figure he is too far gone to help them. But, once they find one of his empty perscription bottles, his doctor, is in fact, “Dr. Spaceman”. Of course, it is pronounced Dr. “spah-CHEM-in”.

There are lots of little things like that in every episode.

But, the very best part of this entire show is Alec Baldwin. I know a lot of you out there (I’m looking at you Mom) don’t like him at all, but he is absolutely pitch-perfect in this show. I can’t even describe just how funny he really is as network boss Jack Donaghy. Here are some vids instead.

Basically, what I’m saying is give this show a shot. I laugh out loud multiple times an episode. Seriously. To top it off, NBC finally got smart and is running their 4 funniest shows back to back to back to back. Scrubs, My Name is Earl, The Office and 30 Rock. That is some quality entertainment on Thursday nights. Almost like the days of Seinfeld or Cheers. Besides, if you don’t like it, I’ll give you your money back. But seeing as it’s a free show on a free network and you’re paying nothing to read this blog…