My day… continued

So, I forage out for grub.  In addition, my plan for the day was to get my surround sound system setup.  So, I stopped at Target to get a few cables I needed and some speaker stands.  As an aside, maybe there will be some day when I can walk out of Target without spending $100.  I have probably spent a thousand bucks there since I moved here.  Anyway… I get my gear, then head down the hill to get something to eat.

All of a sudden, I notice my temperature gage going thru the roof and steam coming from under my hood.  Oh shit.  This can’t be good.  Luckily, I’m right near a gas station, so I pull in and turn off.  After some adimittedly rudimentary troubleshooting, I realize that my radiator is bone dry.  Not good.  I was able to purchase some coolant, and after spilling half of the bottle all over the place (I had no funnel) I finally get it in.  I was ingenius enough to use an old magazine I had in the back as a makeshift funnel until I had poured enough out of the bottle so I could tip it easier.  It still got all over though.

Being labor day, there aren’t any car repair joints open.  My regular trusted mechanic (the only one I’ve ever found) is all the way downtown.  I guess I will take my car down there first thing in the morning, and rent a car.  See, this is where being single is a giantic pain in the ass.  When you’re married and have 2 cars, it is a minor inconvenience.  Now, it is a huge hassle.

Now, I’m off to hook up surround sound.  If something goes wrong with this, I’m giving up and going back to bed.

Wish me luck.

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