It’s back

The blog is back. After some technical difficulties, we are back up and running. Initially there was a scare that this all might be gone into the computer ether, but we’re ok.

Happy labor day everyone. For the record, is there anything worse than waking up absolutely starving, but not having a damn thing to eat in the house? I have some Cheerios, but no milk. I have some aging wheat bread, but nothing to put on it. Perhaps I could whip up the never before seen ‘Cheerio Sandwich’. Were this a normal work day, I would be at work and could hit the cafeteria for something. I really gotta stop watching the Food Network before I go to bed. Last night it was ‘Good Eats’ and he was doing tenderloin. Dear god… I cannot tell you how bad I would like that right now. Tenderloin, that is, not ‘Good Eats’.

In other news, I read this morning that Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, was killed by a stingray. He was filming a show called “Ocean’s Deadliest”. Gee, you ain’t kiddin. But honestly, who couldn’t see this coming? I would have bet $1000 that one day, one of those animals would catch up with him. I’m sorta surprised that it didn’t end with a croc chomping down on his head Joe Dirt style. Anyway, I feel sorry for is wife and kids.

In other other news, I’ve discovered something very cool. I have been a netflix subscriber for the past couple years. I love it. I’m not as fast as I used to be watching and returning the movies, but the selection they have is second to none. Plus, anytime I think of a movie I want to see, I can head right out to their site and put it in my queue. Brilliant.

Anyway, I received my latest shipment this past week. It had been at least a month or more since I had last returned movies. So, when I got my movies much quicker than I had before, I was confused. Turns out, Netflix has opened a shipping facility in Boise! Before, we had to send them to Salem OR, which added at least a day each way. Now, I can get a disc turned around in half the time. It is terrific. That will be great for getting the TV serieses on DVD, when they are like 6 discs for a season. You can ship the first disc back, and still be watching one of the ones you still have when the next arrives. Perfect.

I can’t recommend Netflix any higher. They have a free trial, and if you love movies, you should try it.

I’m going to now go forth, foraging for food.  Wish me luck.

2 Replies to “It’s back”

  1. The irony about the Croc Hunter is that a stingray is not a deadly animal…and even being stung by one is RARELY fatal–unless it punctures the heart, which is what happened to him apparently. So sad.

    Yeah, he was a nut, but he sure was a likeable nut, and leaves behind a wife and two little ones.

  2. Steve was daring but he was smart. He usually knew what he was doing. Bet if he had a choice this is the way he would have wanted to go, with some of his dangerous critters.

    Just goes to show ya never know when the grim reaper will come to visit.

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