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My day, the finish…

I would have to say the day finished sucessfully, although not exactly smoothly.

I started the wiring and hooking up of the surround sound. Of course, I ran into some snags. First, I had a bunch of speaker wire left over that I was using. Unfortunately, I don’t have a handy dandy wire stripper. I did at one time, but gee… I don’t seem to have it any more. *sigh* So, I’m trying to strip this cheap ass wire with just regular old needle-nose pliers. Needless to say, more often than not, I cut the flimsy little wires as I was stripping them. But, eventually, I got them all hooked up. Wait, check that. I had enough wire to wire all but one of the rear speakers. So, I had to go to target, yet again.

I also bought a new digital optical cable to connect the cable box audio to the receiver, but once I had it connected I finally found my old one. I just love buying crap I don’t actually need. Plus, my receiver is old and cheap, as it only has 2 digital audio inputs. So, I connected the cable box and the DVD player. That leaves the xbox high and dry in just using the TV speakers. Well, we can’t have it all.

It’s also a bummer to have to keep the volume low on the deal. Goddamn apartment living. Oh well.

Other events today. I watched Tiger finish off his fifth tourament win in a row. That guy is a machine.

I whipped up a hamburger caserole for dinner (and had to go out to the grocery store to get the goods too). Amazing how much you use your car when you’re trying not to.

Finished the day by watching ‘Glengarry Glenn Ross’. It was ok. I didn’t love it. Thought it would be better.

So, coming up I have to figure out how in the hell to take care of my car. But, to balance that out, I have a second date tomorrow night.

It’s always something.

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