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Hello all… here is some more random items I’ve come across lately. In no particular order.

I have noticed something. Anymore when I’m talking with someone, and somehow the subject brings up a memory I would normally share of when G and I were together I check up. Its not that it makes me sad. I dunno… its like I shouldn’t be talking about it or something. Maybe I’m trying to not make other people uncomfortable. Perhaps its kinda like when you have a new girlfriend, and you’re reminded something of your old girlfriend… that is just better left unsaid. Most every man knows that. Maybe there’ll be a day when that doesn’t happen.

Another development recently is I have been unconsciously chewing the hell out of my lower lip. I have never done that in my life, and now I catch myself gnawing on it all the time. What the hell is wrong with me? I’m one of those people who have a hard time leaving things alone, so when the skin in front of my front lower teeth is chewed up, I keep playing with it with my tongue. I’m making my self crazy. Or, perhaps I’m already crazy. *shrug*

On to something better. My favorite writer is named Bill Simmons, a.k.a. The Sports Guy. He writes columns for (you can find the link to the right). He hits a lot of topics including a lot of non-sports stuff… Pop Culture, TV, News, etc. Perhaps he writes a little too much about the NBA for my taste, but what can ya do. Anyway, he has this thing he calls the Unintentional Comedy Scale. That is all those things that make you laugh but aren’t designed to be comedy. For example, here are a few entries with their corresponding scores on there. “65 – Tim Robbins pitching in “Bull Durham”, “70 – every episode of “Friends” where Chandler is abnormally skinny or fat”, “86 – PGA golfers awkwardly high-fiving their caddies after making an improbable shot”, and a previous perfect 100 score for “the wedding video of Liza Minnelli and David Gest”. Well, everything has been dropped a full spot. There is a new champion of Unintentional Comedy. This following video has shattered the scale. Absolutely unbelievable. You have to watch this thing. Especially stay until the 3:52 mark… it tops itself again. Transcendental.

Rocket Man

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