I’ve been working on a new website for AJ’s Angels (see this post). Just wanted to show it off a little… see if anyone had any input at all. Adam and Beth (it’s their foundation) seem pleased, but I’m always looking for improvements. I already know of a dozen things that need to be fixed/changed/added/tweaked. But that’s me. I can’t put my name on something that is in my mind even a touch subpar.


(this is a temporary site I’m using while in development).

No Real Post

I don’t have a real post today. I just felt like putting a few more pictures of the boys out there. Thats all.

Synchronized Napping, were it a dog olympic event, you’re looking at the gold medal champions.

Frank… looking rather supplicant.

Dino… Slice of sunlight and chew toy… thats all I need.

Personally… I think they probably miss each other too…