New Wedding Site

Howdy everyone. I know I’ve been super lax about blogging lately but I do have at least a little something to show for it. Couple little somethings, actually.

If you would like to see the website I have been crunching away on for all those hours the past couple weeks, you can go here:

I didn’t design it, I just took the design mock up and actually created all of the html and javascript to make it actually work. Turned out well, I guess. Supposedly, the client is getting a lot of positive reviews, so that’s a good thing.

But, more importantly, I was able to spare a few hours to crank out our wedding site which eventually will be chock full of tasty info about the impending nuptials. Really, what I needed to do was get this up in order to coincide with our sending out of the Save the Date dealies. More on those later.

To view the Wedding Site, just go here:

Like I said, there will be more content (and probably some edits and refining of current content) once I get a little more time. I have another website or two that are in the queue at the moment, so I gotta move on to those for a little bit. Mark and Dad, I haven’t forgotten you.

The funny thing about being a web developer, is you wouldn’t believe how many people out there “need a website”.  Like I said, I have a few sites in the hopper, but I am approached all the time.  We are refinancing the house, and when Jess filled in the occupation box for me, the mortgage lady told her, “Web developer huh?  Well, I need to talk to him…”.  Yeah, get in line lady.

Good thing I still enjoy it.

4 Replies to “New Wedding Site”

  1. Great wedding site Jason. Very well put together. Speaking of which I know someone that needs a site…j/k. Can’t wait to see the updates!

  2. Great picture of you and Zach and his new bro on Lick the Cat.

    The professional site looks good and seems to be working well.

    Yep I am sure that everyone you meet would like you to do a WEB site, especially after they see what you can do. Like the Wedding site, that should be fun.

  3. The sites both look great! You rock man. Can I get you to do a website….oh nevermind. Got my own. 🙂 Guess I just got caught up in all the excitement…

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