Third Game

Ok, so the Broncos meet up with Wyoming tomorrow on the blue.

I gotta say, part of me is more nervous for this game than I have been in a while. I mean, coming off of last week’s horrible loss to Washington, we haven’t seen how this team responds to a loss. Maybe all the local press is right when they say that the loss has put the chip back on their shoulders. I would like to believe that.

But, since we haven’t seen how this team, or this particular coaching staff deal with a loss, it is really tough to gage. I mean, until last week, I had supreme confidence in the coaching staff’s ability to make adjustments at halftime. I still think the defense can do that (they proved it last week)… but I wonder about the offense. Maybe that’s not fair, but I can only tell you what I’m thinking.

Compounding the problems are some other factors. Last year when we went to Laramie, the final score was 17-10. And one of our touchdowns was an interception return for a score. That means the offense was held to 10 points, just like last week at UW. Wyoming is 2-0 where they trounced Virginia (of the ACC) and WAC bottom feeder Utah State. It’s kinda like Washington last week…. sure they smoked Syracuse, but how good are they really? Well, we found out.

Supposedly, Wyoming has a hell of a defense. With past Bronco offenses that wouldn’t have fazed me. I thought we could line up against anyone. But now, I’m not so sure. Watching our offense self destruct last weekend was tough. If it can happen once, it can happen again.

I honestly think that this game will tell us everything we need to know about the rest of the season. If the Broncos can put last week behind them, come out and execute like we think they can, we’ll be fine. If we come out and play the same way (or worse) than we did last week, this could end up being a long season. If anything, it will be interesting.

Some other college football / WAC observations.

Hawaii was almost caught by La. Tech last Saturday. I saw parts of the game on TV when ESPN would cut in to the game we were watching with highlights. From what I saw of that defense, there is NO WAY that team is going undefeated. It is NOT going to happen. (I told you that here)

I saw a couple homages to the Fiesta Bowl this past weekend. First, when La. Tech scored a touchdown in overtime to get within one of heavily favored Hawaii, they pulled a Boise State and went for 2 and the win. Of course, they got stuffed, but they still had shades of BSU there. The second was the Oregon Ducks dismantling of Michigan (boy, do they suck) they ran a couple statue-of-liberty type plays. Imitation is the sincerest form a flattery.

The WAC is 0-10 vs. non conference 1A teams. Gee, that’s just great. Everyone (Boise State included) has done a terrible job in picking up the torch from last year when we went 3-1 in bowl games (and Nevada lost a the last second vs. Miami).

How pissed off is Oklahoma this year? Holy cow. They had to spend the offseason catching hell for the Fiesta Bowl, which really had to suck. All they have done in their first two games is score 130 points. I would not bet against them in any game this year. Thank god we won’t have to face them again. Oh, who do they face this week? WAC punching bag Utah State, who are 10-38 in since 2003 including losing 13 of their last 14 games. Good luck Aggies.

Speaking of the Fiesta Bowl… there will be no “this year’s Boise State” as in a BCS buster. The leading candidates were Boise State (again) who lost to UW. TCU was a big pick, and they lost their second game last night. We all know Hawaii won’t run the table… so who does that leave? BYU? Wyoming (who should have a loss tomorrow)? The other possibles are all smaller teams from BCS conferences, so they don’t really count. Oh well.

Thats all I have, except to mention that I’m going to a proper tailgate party before the Wyoming game tomorrow. Watch this space for pics from the parking lot scene!

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