Crazy Busy

CSSFor the past week, I have been absolutely up to my ass in web development. Literally morning, noon and night.

See, I needed to get some pictures posted for from their recent summer fundraising events. I got a little ambitious and tried a new CSS photo gallery thing that worked pretty well, until I got around to testing IE 6 and lower. Then it crapped out. While I was trying to get that fixed, I got another little request that would take precedence.

When I interviewed with Wirestone last week, they told me that I would send me a .psd file (Photoshop) that I would need to work on. Okay… I wasn’t sure what that meant, but I would figure it out soon enough.

Come Monday afternoon, I got that file. It was basically the image layout of a webpage created in Photoshop that I needed to replicate in HTML and CSS. Well, I haven’t done a ton of CSS work since here at HP as I have templates that are dictated to me to use. So this was a whole new challenge. I dove in with vigor.

I pretty much spent every waking moment when not at HP working on it. When it comes to things like this, I’m a bit of a perfectionist. And since I think I really want this job, I’m leaving nothing to chance. I busted my ass for this. I told Jess that with so little to do when at work, it was more than a little ironic that I had to go home in order to go to work. Anyway, I hit a couple stumbling blocks along the way. Numerous google searches and trial and error later, I think I have finally gotten something I can feel comfortable turning in tomorrow. All it needs now it a little spit and polish to really make it shine.

Along the way, I had to try to figure out a solution for the AJsAngels photo gallery issue (which I did, but I’m not very happy with). At least I got something out there. That is the important part. I can always go back and play some more next week when I get a chance.

All of this development doesn’t even include the site that Dad would like me to build for him. (Dad, I got your email, but just haven’t had the time to dive in yet. I will.) Nor does it include the possible site that my Uncle Chuck would like me to do.

Good thing I enjoy this stuff, or it could get old in a hurry. It will be nice to relax this weekend after putting in probably 70+ hours of work.

I haven’t even gotten to really play with NCAA Football 08 which finally came out this week!  The sacrifices I’ve made….

Hopefully, this will pay off in the end. Keep the good thoughts coming!

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  1. I saw the old jewelery last evening. It is a huge lot of stuff. If we can get the site working, it should work with this neat old stuff.

  2. yeah and remember you turned me down on a website! 🙁 That’s ok though, I think I found someone else to help me.

  3. Good luck!!!

    Don’t forget the bright side. If you are inside working on your computer and DRINKING BEER it doesn’t matter how hot it is outside.

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