Project Completion

This morning, I put the finishing touches on my ‘interview project‘ I’ve been working on. I hesitated to actually hit ‘send’ on the email for about an hour, as I was sure I forgot something.

Actually, this was probably a good thing since I forgot to validate all of the code for w3c compliance. There were about a dozen errors. Of course, nothing major that affects the display of the page, but just little things, alt tags on images and being sure to close tags. But, once I got those cleared up I swallowed hard and sent it off.

I wasn’t so much relieved as I was nervous that I still forgot something. But, since I had sent it, at least I could stop working on it.

I was pretty tired this afternoon as I have spent much of the week running on caffeine and adrenalin. But, then I heard back from Mike, the guy I interviewed with:

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