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I just got done with my Wirestone interview. I can tell you one thing. If I thought I wanted to work there before… now, I know I want to work there. The guy I interviewed with was very cool. We spent a lot of time talking about the company, what they do, and more importantly their teams and culture. We spent a lot of time talking about me. They put a lot of value on finding a right fit for the team, and I totally respect that. Having worked with sticks-in-the-mud, I know nothing can destroy morale quite like a bad team member. I guess they know, as I do, that the tech stuff can be learned. I botched a few technical questions, but I hope he could tell I’m competent.

Perhaps it was during the discussion of computer gaming that sealed it for me. They’re young, they’re technical, they’re like me.

This place pretty much sounds like everything that HP is not. All I kept thinking about was the old Coach Hawk saying, “Bigger isn’t necessarily better…. Better is Better.”

But, I’m not putting the cart before the horse. He said he’s got a couple more interviews this week. He’s also sending me a doc to work on to show what I can do. So, I’ve still got more to do. Do I feel confident? Sure… I’m a positive guy. But I’m prepared for anything.

He also said there would be an interview or two more as well, provided I make it.

Keep the good thoughts coming. I appreciate them all!

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  1. Give em hell Jas! I can do an interview in my sleep now, so if you need any help or suggestions, I would be more than happy to help you man. I’ve got a few aces up my sleeve that I learned from some of my salty and wise contacts. If anything, pass out twenties during the interviews. :p

  2. Good luck boss. I don’t know anyone that has earned a brake more than you, and nobody wants it more for you than I do.

    I also want to comment on your attitude. As a sales man and a guy who hires people, I can tell you nobody wants to hire a crybaby and if it’s happens for you it will be because your confident in your SKILLS and expect it to happen.

    Stay Strong!!!

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