Meetings make you dumber

Its true. And science has finally proven it.

Of course, to anyone who has ever worked in an corporate environment knows this already based on their own experience. If there is anything more dreadful than staring at a staff meeting scheduled for the next 2 hours, I don’t know what it is.

According to this article, group think can cloud alternative solutions. When an option gets brought up in a meeting, that option is usually discussed. The more times that option is said aloud, the harder it is to remember other options. Not to mention the fact that some people, like myself, are disinclined to speak up during big meetings no matter how good our ideas might be. Damn introversion.

Maybe some manager one of you work for will see this and you can eliminate one meeting from your normal week. If so, I hope its mine!

I am reminded of one of my favorite things… Demotivators. Everyone has seen those uplifting posters with a chipper saying and a picture of a soaring eagle or something. These are the exact opposite. And they speak the truth. You can find more of them at


3 Replies to “Meetings make you dumber”

  1. I do believe meetings are one reason I retired. My boss at the time was the world’s worst at holding meetings, he held them for everything. I finally said I would not attend another and that is the way I went the last few years.

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