Hey you… say hello!

Interesting occurance. I like to peruse my stats for my little blog here often. You can see them if you click on ‘view my stats’ at the bottom of this page. I’ve always really enjoyed stats… wait… I’ve always really enjoyed little bits of information. Stats, as in the college level business math courses, I NEVER enjoyed. As evidenced by the 2 times I had to take both stats 1 and 2. So, I like to know about things.

This morning, I see that there was a google search for me from an IP address in Stamford Connecticut. I don’t think I know anyone in Stamford Connecticut. Someone searched “jason haberman blog boise”. Now, I’ve had other searches for “jason haberman” but never got too excited about those. Apparently, according to google there are many jason habermans out there, which I find quite interesting since I have never met a Haberman that I wasn’t related to, let alone another Jason. Apparently, one is a neuroscientist at UC Davis, one a violinist at Colgate, one plays foosball in California. I just sit on my computer in Idaho. (wouldn’t it be weird if one of them looked exactly like me? Spooky… ) Anyway, I realize that just because the IP originated in Stamford, that doesn’t necessarily mean the person was there as well. Ya see, this here internet isn’t a truck to dump things on. its a series of tubes. But, it is plainly obvious that whoever this was was specifically looking for me. I’m pretty sure there are no other Jason Habermans living in Boise who have a stupid ass blog going. I’ve cornered that market.

I guess what I’m saying is, say hi. If someone I might know has found me, drop me a line. Even if you just want to say hello. I can be hit at jason(at)jasonhaberman(dot)com. (Non clickable since all those damn spiders out there harvesting email addresses would find it and I would get a never ending stream of spam). I always like getting email that doesn’t consist of someone offering me cheap v1iagr@ or LOW LOW MORTGATE RATES. Or, you could always just leave a comment on the site.

So, if you know me, say hi. If you’d like to know me? Say hi. Enjoyed something you read here? Say so. Think I’m a gasseous windbag? I suppose you could tell me so, but just remember that I’m fragile.

On a side note, this is the second time I had to write this post. The first one was eaten by the internet gnomes. Damn shame too, since that one was far superior in every possible way. But, you’ll never know the genius that was that post, you just have to live with this poorly scribed knock off. Such is life.

3 Replies to “Hey you… say hello!”

  1. Uh, Hi.

    I found you by you telling me to check your new site out. And before that, we were roomies. And before that, we worked together. And before that, uh, well that’s about it.

  2. How did I find you? Well, there was that confirmation class in high school. Then 12 years later, there was that night that G took me to his house after a date, and I kept staring at you thinking I knew you from somewhere. Then…

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