My goofball nephew

I had my sister, her husband and my nephew over Saturday evening. A nice little diversion. We had some pizza, hung out, just had a good time.

However, Zach, my nephew is a total nut. Specifically, he is a water freak. This was his favorite part of the evening. Sitting in the bathroom sink, faucet on, dunking his head in the water.

Apparently, according to my sister, this is the same kid who fights tooth and nail to not get his hair washed. Go figure. I told them they just need to throw some soap in the sink and let him go to town.

3 Replies to “My goofball nephew”

  1. It could be worse. He could have been sticking his head in the toilet and flushing instead. I’ll take the sink over a swirly any day. This kid? I’m not so sure. He’d probably think that was pretty fun too.

  2. Kris, the cleaning ladies had just come, so the toilet was as clean as it was going to get.

    I wouldn’t put it past him to just sit in the bowl and flush it until it over flowed.

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