Saturday Completion

I know that its Wednesday, but I have some story completion for last Saturday. You can scroll down and read the post Good Satruday to catch up.

I just wanted to write about the fact that on Saturday I had 3 separate meals for the first time in months. I rolled out of bed and was cleaning up the apartment. I threw down 2 pieces of pizza and a big glass of water. Granted, its not exactly granola, yogurt and a banana, but it was something. Then, as George and I were working that day, we went to a nearby deli, and I had a whole turkey & cheddar sandwich. Upon completion of the bookshelf late that afternoon, George’s wife Jocele was on the phone with him, and invited me to go to dinner with them. Originally, I tried to decline. I wasn’t really hungry, and did need to get a little second job work done. She wasn’t taking it from George, so he handed me the phone. As I tried to politely decline, she wore me down and beat me into submission. In a good way… So, I ended up at dinner with them and their beautiful 11 month daughter. I ordered a chicken quesadilla which when it came to the table was absolutely gigantic. But, I fired down a few wedges of it, amazed by the fact that I had eaten again that day. For the record, I think Catie ate as much as I did for dinner, but what can you do? Plus, I had left over quesadilla to last for about a week.

So, I get home from dinner about 7 or so. Not having much to do on a Saturday evening, I was quite bored. I did get some work done, but was unmotivated to get much accomplished. Unable to come up with anything else to amuse myself, I decide I’m going to go down to my complex’s workout area for the first time since I moved in. They have a nice little area of machines and weights in there. I put on some workout clothes and jog down there (because it is STILL raining). I decided to do a half hour on the elliptical machine. Good low impact workout for my poor knees. I set the timer and off I went. This being my first time in a long time on a cardio machine, I did what I always seem to do… started off WAY too fast. I’m motoring along when I get about 5 or 6 minutes in and I start to think, ‘what the hell am I doing’? I’m running out of gas quickly. I have to force myself to slow down and pace myself. As I’m working, I am trying to not look at that damn timer countdown. I felt like Vito in the Sopranos a couple weeks ago. For those who haven’t been watching, Vito is the gay gangster who was outed, and made a run for it to New Hampshire. As he was living there, he tried to do construction for income (since he couldn’t really mob it up in the small town he was in). There was a scene where he was working, and you hear him thinking to himself: “ok… its gotta be 9:30am… don’t look at your watch. 2 1/2 hours to lunch, then 4 hours until I’m done”  “must be 11… look at the sun. Almost lunch time. Don’t look at your watch.” “I has got to be 12:30… I’ve been working 4.5 hours, easy. Half hour for lunch and I’m over half done for the day.” Then, he looks at his watch and it is like 10:15am. Needless to say, he is QUITE despondent. It is then he decides to face death and go back to New Jersey rather than do that anymore. Anyway, thats how I felt on that damn machine. It has to have been another 5 minutes… almost done… then I look down and its been about 45 seconds. There is no time longer than the time on the treadmill.

At least I had the place to myself. That was pretty cool. Apparently, I was the only loser that didn’t have anything better to do on a Saturday night of a holiday weekend. Oh well.

I’m going to have to write more later about my wonderful Monday. Hoo boy, that was fun… in the same way that getting hit in the face with a rock is fun.