God, please, kill me

This is the worst day I’ve had in a long long time, and its not even emotion related. My stomach feels like I took a punch from Mike Tyson, only it happened every 20 minutes. I’ve spent the entire day in bed, when I wasn’t on the can. I can barely sit upright. The pain went away for about 20 minutes this afternoon, and I dozed off. But, for the rest of the day, since 5am, I’ve felt like death wormed over.

I’m dehydrated as hell… can’t keep anything down. Pain. Headache. Dizzy when I stand up. Arms and hands tingling. Agony.

If anyone has the means, please come over and shoot me. Now. ASAP.

One Reply to “God, please, kill me”

  1. Ah Jas, I’m so sorry you aren’t well. I hope you feel better soon. Make sure you take some Tylenol for those aches. Mom said that if you don’t have any give one of us a call and we’ll get some to you. Feel better soon. Drink lots of fluids if you can. Let me know if I can bring you anything.
    love you.

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