Here we go

I don’t know if at this point blogs are becoming so passe that they aren’t even worth having. Undaunted, I’m plowing ahead anyway. I always find writing helps me, and I’ve always enjoyed it. So, here we are. Those of you who know me personally, know the recent ‘change’ I’ve had. I know that will be a common theme on here for a while. Venting helps. I bet the posts will come fast and furious in the beginning as I core-dump here. I will hopefully settle into a manageable rhythm before too awful long.

I don’t know how personal this is going to get. I may keep it surface, I may go deeper. I just don’t know. If experienced bloggers want to give me any pointers, I’ll take them.

So, I’ll be speaking with you more in the days and weeks to come. I hope I don’t come off as whining… I hurt pretty good right now. Bear with me. I’m learning and growing. (as corny as that sounds)