Step in the right direction

Finally spoken with my best friend tonight. We had fallen out of touch when he moved for business to Cordele Georgia (2500 miles away). Like most men, we simply got too busy and stopped calling. We’re both at fault. Then, when my life went to hell, I didn’t know how to call him. I think I was feeling guilty that I didn’t call him when things were good, so calling him when things were bad was unfair.

But, he is one of the truly good guys in this world. I was there for him when he had some real problems about 10 years ago, and the entire time we were on the phone, he said things that very few people get to hear. He is the kind of guy who would be on a flight 6am tomorrow morning if I asked him to. And he offered multiple times. We spoke for about 2 hours and just talking to him again makes me feel a little better.

Even though he hasn’t lived here since I got married, he still had some insights as to what might have happened, that were spot on. The same things my counselor has said. I value his words and his friendship probably more than I could ever express to him.


I should probably have something in here about myself, but really, isn’t that what the blog itself is for? You can see from my posts, I’m divorced, trying to recover. I like sports… I like bitching about sports. I see movies. I write about the stupid shit that happens in my life. I use the ellipse (…) WAY too much.

So… there ya go.

Here we go

I don’t know if at this point blogs are becoming so passe that they aren’t even worth having. Undaunted, I’m plowing ahead anyway. I always find writing helps me, and I’ve always enjoyed it. So, here we are. Those of you who know me personally, know the recent ‘change’ I’ve had. I know that will be a common theme on here for a while. Venting helps. I bet the posts will come fast and furious in the beginning as I core-dump here. I will hopefully settle into a manageable rhythm before too awful long.

I don’t know how personal this is going to get. I may keep it surface, I may go deeper. I just don’t know. If experienced bloggers want to give me any pointers, I’ll take them.

So, I’ll be speaking with you more in the days and weeks to come. I hope I don’t come off as whining… I hurt pretty good right now. Bear with me. I’m learning and growing. (as corny as that sounds)