Wake up the echos?

Got a call from best friend John (in Georgia… See below) this evening. His idea is for he and I to make a pilgrimage to South Bend and catch a Notre Dame home football game this fall. That actually sounds like a lot of fun. Their first two home games are, of course, Penn State and Michigan. You’re looking at probably a grand a ticket for those games. Maybe we’ll shoot for Stanford, Purdue or Air Force. Probably not as in demand. Of course, I told John that they play USC on the weekend of my birthday… rematch of their absolutely classic game from last season… Of course, to get tickets to that, you have to sell your soul to the devil. (which just might be worth it.)

Anyway, its nice to have something to look forward to. I just hope our trip doesn’t coincide with a home Boise State game… I have a hard time missing those for anything seeing as I haven’t missed a home game in 13 years and all.

That might be a real good time. I hope it comes off.

John and I in Vegas, June 2000

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  1. I think I may have taken that picture. Sweet! I think I’m worse than you about maintaining contact with friends. Call me sometime… we’ll do beers. It’s good for the soul.


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