Quick Hit

Just another quick post.

As you know (if you’ve been reading) I haven’t been eating much. Even when I do get hungry, I’ll be damned if I can think of anything that I want to eat. Still have no groceries. Don’t eat much fast food. Drink lots of ice water. Anyway, the other day, having not eaten since 9am, at 8pm I decide I need to get something to eat. Trying to think of what was around my house to grab, I’m coming up empty. Nothing sounds good at all. After some thought, I finally decide I’ll get a Subway sandwich. Haven’t had one of those in a while. So, I drive to Subway which is a few miles from my house. Walk in the door and get in line. As I get to the head of the line, there is a crude handwritten sign tapped to the sneeze guard saying, “Temporarily out of lettuce.” WTF!? You’re joking right? I’m no “sandwich artist” or anything, but other than bread, wouldn’t lettuce pretty much be the number 2 item included in 90% of peoples’ sandwiches? Now I’m pissed. I certainly don’t want a sandwich with no lettuce. There is no other food that I can even think of to eat. However, feeling actually hungry a little bit, I know I gotta eat something. So, I walked into the Albertsons there in the same strip mall and wander around for about 20 minutes. I ended up buying a pack of hotdogs and buns. Not that I really wanted that, but couldn’t think of anything else, specifically anything else that wouldn’t remind me of her. I still know that is stupid as hell, but it is what it is.

What a pain in the ass. I’m boycotting Subway and the rhesus monkeys they got working there. How the fuck do you run out of lettuce. Ok, now I’m just ranting.

Until next time.