Billy Joel – Concert in Boise

Originally, I wasn’t going to go to Billy Joel. The $100+ price (not including all the associated fees and whatnot) was simply too much. I mean, I like Billy Joel, but dropping over two bills for Jess and I to go simply didn’t seem worth it.

After making that decision, I would have random pangs of guilt. I’ve always wanted to see him live, and I was passing on the option because it’s too expensive?

Eventually, however, my procrastination paid off. The arena released a number of cheap tickets in the nose-bleed section of the building for a scant $27 (again, plus fees) a piece. Well, now you’re talking my language. I jumped on the tickets without delay.

I’m sure the ticket prices had to do with the piss pour turnout at the show. The Statesman said there was 7,000 there and I think that would be a stretch. Kinda sad, really. This is a fickle town and won’t just shell out whatever it takes to see these performers. Hell, I’m one of those people. Without the cheap tix, I wouldn’t have been there either.

The show was last night. And it was a pretty damn good show.

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Answer: 52-15

No, the question is not what the final score of the Boise State v. Hawaii football game on Friday.

Instead the real question is “What was the halftime score of the Boise State vs Montana Tech basketball game?”

In fact, the game was so out of hand, we actually left at the half. I haven’t left a BSU game at half in a long time. But, we were bored and were both feeling that we would rather chill out on the couch in our jammies. So, that’s what we did.

Now, I’m as big a fan of one sided blowouts as the next guy… probably more… but in basketball it’s just not fun. I will take 60 to nothing every single football game, especially conference games. But basketball? Meh.

Besides, there were very few people there. The cheerleaders, and I’m assuming a bunch of fans, are in Hawaii for the big game. The atmosphere was kinda dead. As was the opponent. By the way, the final score was 107-53.

Anyway, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I can’t wait. Great meal. Hangin out with the fams. Watchin some football. Sounds like a great day to me.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


This Friday is the “Big Game” in the WAC as the top two teams, Boise State and Hawaii face off on the island for all the marbles.

I’ve had a feeling about this Boise State football season that has been banging around in my head for the past few weeks. I have been unable to put my finger on just what it was. Maybe it was because I was so busy and didn’t have time to think. Maybe its because the very thought of it was distasteful to me as a fan, and I felt less of myself for even harboring the possibility. I’m torn. I’ve agonized personally but, I’ve spent some time deep in thought and I have came to a realization…

I would prefer Boise State to NOT play in a BCS game this year.

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A House Divided

A House DividedToday was the day. Rivalry game. Boise State University vs. University of Idaho.

Let’s just say it was interesting. For those of you who don’t know, I am a gigantic Boise State Bronco fan (and an alumnus), Jess is a life long Idaho Vandal (an alumnus). This is the first game day since we have moved in together.

Like I said, it was interesting.

This whole week has been very easy. Neither of us discussed the game much. We have both been so busy lately, we just haven’t had the time to gently jab each other about this upcoming weekend. I guess part of that is that the teams are so unevenly balanced at the moment. I try not to rub it in too much, specifically because I still remember when BSU sucked, and its not fun. So, we’ve been remarkably civil to each other.

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It’s been crazy

I haven’t written in awhile. You may have noticed this.

It’s not that I haven’t had anything to write about. Quite the contrary. My head is busting with ideas and topics. The real enemy here is time. It is simply that time of year when events get ramping up and there just isn’t anything I can do about it. For example, here is my schedule since the day before I left for Vegas with Jess on the 28th of October.

  • Saturday – Party at Friends
  • Sunday – Vegas
  • Monday – Vegas
  • Tuesday – Vegas
  • Wednesday – Return from Vegas (Halloween)
  • Thursday – blessed rest
  • Friday – BSU Basketball
  • Saturday – BSU Football
  • Sun – Leave again for Vegas
  • Mon – Vegas
  • Tue – Return from Vegas, exhausted
  • Wed – Steelheads Hockey
  • Thurs – a little more rest
  • Fri – BSU Basketball
  • Sat – Drive to Logan, UT (and back) for BSU Football Game
  • Sun – Dinner at Jess’ folks
  • Mon – Finally, nothing
  • Tue – BSU Basketball
  • Wed (yesterday) – Friend’s B-Day dinner and Steelheads Hockey.

For those of you scoring at home, that would be 3 separate trips, 7 sporting events (3 basketball, 2 football, 2 hockey), 3 dinners out (not counting travel days) and a grand total of 3 evenings of rest where I had nothing going on.

Of course, those ‘rest’ days weren’t even all that restful since they landed on weekdays and because in the midst of all this, work has been absolutely crazy. Not bad-crazy by any stretch, just super busy. Everyone is trying to get sites I’m working on done before the Thanksgiving holiday, and its putting a pretty good crunch on me.

To be perfectly honest, I’m kinda surprised I’m still fully functional. This does sort of resemble my previous life except for a few crucial differences. a.) Before, this sort of schedule would go on for weeks or months at a time. b.) Also, back then, most of the events we’re not ‘my’ things… All of this stuff I’ve been doing has been stuff I wanted to do. Not events to which I was committed and had no say at all, but was still expected to attend and have my game face on. That makes a big difference. c.) Top that all off with the fact that I really like my job now, and the whole world has changed.

So, yes, some things have suffered. The blog for one. Dad, your website for two. I ain’t seen Georgie or Hillman in weeks. There’s been a bunch of movies I’ve wanted to see, and my TV sports watching has fallen off dramatically.

At least, with ye olde birthday coming up, I should be able to catch up with just about everyone then. For anyone that hasn’t heard, I’m heading to Busters on Broadway on my birthday (6:30pm, Saturday the 24th) for finger steaks and beers. Anyone and everyone are welcome to stop by, even if only to have a drink and laugh at me for getting old.

And if you think I’m not looking forward to a most relaxing Thanksgiving, hanging out at the parents, watching football, drink in hand, before gorging myself on mom’s excellent dinner, you’re crazy.

Stay tuned.  Maybe I’ll get a few spare seconds to write some more. No guarantees.