Answer: 52-15

No, the question is not what the final score of the Boise State v. Hawaii football game on Friday.

Instead the real question is “What was the halftime score of the Boise State vs Montana Tech basketball game?”

In fact, the game was so out of hand, we actually left at the half. I haven’t left a BSU game at half in a long time. But, we were bored and were both feeling that we would rather chill out on the couch in our jammies. So, that’s what we did.

Now, I’m as big a fan of one sided blowouts as the next guy… probably more… but in basketball it’s just not fun. I will take 60 to nothing every single football game, especially conference games. But basketball? Meh.

Besides, there were very few people there. The cheerleaders, and I’m assuming a bunch of fans, are in Hawaii for the big game. The atmosphere was kinda dead. As was the opponent. By the way, the final score was 107-53.

Anyway, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I can’t wait. Great meal. Hangin out with the fams. Watchin some football. Sounds like a great day to me.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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  1. Couch and jammies pre-turkey day? Sounds better than any basketball game to me.

    Also, this being the most traveled weekend in the US could have had something to do with attendance.

    Gobble Gobble. And, no, I ain’t speaking Turkey. That is the sound I will make before I make Yummie sounds tomorrow. (T-day)

    And let the Xmas music play… (starting Friday. Or late, late, LATE, Thursday)

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