The Big Reveal – Baby Names

I know a lot of you out there have been on pins and needles wondering what the names were going to be with the newborn twins. So here goes.

Baby A shall now be known as Alexandra Jaye. Alex for short… or perhaps AJ.

Baby B will be known as Meredith Althea, or Meri for short.

There are stories behind those name choices but I am way too tired to come up with a creative way of telling them. Keep watching this space.

Welcome to the world, Alex and Meri. Your mom and dad love you very much.










7 Replies to “The Big Reveal – Baby Names”

  1. You know you made me cry by including my name as a middle for one of your beloved daughters, and quite ingenious to include both of us grandmas by using Meri for short! Never dreamed I’d be honored in such a special way. They are so beautiful–we are delighted to welcome them to the family.

  2. Congratulations on such beautiful baby girls! Were they born on the 6th? That’s my birthday. 🙂 My sister’s name is Meredith, and Alexandra has always been one of my favorite names. Well done all the way around. 😉

  3. I was going to say earlier that the summer before 6th grade I got my braces off and cut my hair off. So I decided with such great changes I needed a name that would better reflect this new and exciting time in my life, so I started 6th grade by telling everybody, everday to call me AJ (Amanda June) and my 6th grade teacher, we still see her every few years and she remembers the Costello clan, still calls me AJ. So kudos to you- you gave your child options to fully express herself. Halfway through 6th grade though, I started to tell everyone to call me Manda. 6th grade was a confusing time… And… there is an actor at the Shakespeare Festival that goes by MA so Meri has options as well. Can’t wait to meet the little ladies!!

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