Images of Boise State vs San Jose State

This past Halloween afternoon, we were treated to another Bronco victory against the Spartans of San Jose State University.  Included in this game were Kellen Moore’s first touchdown pass to his little brother Kirby.  Kyle Wilson’s pick six.  Some tough defense.  And ultimately, another blow out win.

As always, you can view these photos and more by going to to view the entire set (not all were posted here).  Also, click on each image to go to flickr and see more info about each pic.  I would also like to remind you fine folks, that all of these pictures are being taken from my seats in the stands.  Row Z in the upper deck.  Six rows from the top of the stadium.


Kyle Wilson fights for the ball

Kyle Wilson Fights for Ball

Jeremy Avery running through traffic. This was indicative of the run game most of the day.  San Jose State did a great job of bottling up our run game.

Jermey Avery in traffic

The next two pictures capture a seminal moment in this Bronco program, and perhaps a glimpse of things to come in the next 3 years.  Kellen Moore throws left and finds his younger brother Kirby Moore.

Kellen Moore under pressure finds Kriby Moore

Kirby catches the ball, is able to shake the defense and turns it into his first collegiate touchdown and the first score of the game.

Kirby Moore receives his first touchdown pass

This next pic is also representative of Saturday’s game.  Kellen Moore spent a LOT of time getting hit.  Luckily for us, the vast majority of the time it was right after he got rid of the ball.  The offensive line needs to do a much better job of protecting him.  I bet he spent the bulk of Sunday in an ice bath.

Kellen Moore finds his outlet, Matt Kaiserman

Kellen Moore throws to Austin Pettis

Austin Pettis catches a touchdown in the 3rd quarter.

Touchdown Austin Pettis

Kyle Wilson picks off a pass, and scampers 27 yards for his first pick 6 of his career.  Very exciting play.

Kyle Wilson returns his interception to the house

Billy Winn just misses another sack.  But he did force the incomplete pass.  My favorite shot of the day.

Billy Winn exerts pressure on the QB

Doug Martin totes the rock in the 4th quarter.

Doug Martin finds a hole

This last image is of the sunrise we saw as we were getting ready to hit the tailgate party.  It was quite majestic and Jess and I both stopped for a few minutes to take it in.  If you look close, it almost appears that the tree branches on the right are on fire.  I didn’t notice that until  I saw the picture!

Bronco Game Day Sunrise

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