Neighborhood Hawk

Living out where we do, we see a lot of hawks flying around, hunting varmints, doing their thing.

However, not usually this close.

I walked outside to put the dog out (luckily, Murphy isn’t really ‘snack size’ anymore) yesterday evening only to have this coopers hawk fly not 10 feet over my head.  He circled around and perched himself on the neighbor’s house.  He stayed there long enough for me to grab the camera and snag a few pics.  It was tough lighting conditions, but I was able to manage a couple shots. These photos don’t do justice to just how large this bird was. Incredible.


Coopers Hawk

Coopers Hawk

Coopers Hawk

2 Replies to “Neighborhood Hawk”

  1. I don’t think he was sizing up the chicken nugget… I think he wanted that full meal deal. Beware. I have been buzzed by both male and female when I have gotten too close to the nest with screeching babes. It’s heart stopping to hear the WHOOOOOSH! only AS they are flying by.

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