Boise State vs Utah State 11-08-08

There really isn’t much to say about this game.  We killed them.  It wasn’t close.  Although, when we knocked another quarterback out of the game, the defense had a bit of a problem adjusting.  Especially since it was a running QB to passing QB transition.  But no matter.  We still won by 35.

I did, however, get some more great shots with the new camera.  Enjoy!  View all of the images here, or view a few select ones below.  Click on each one to go to the flickr page.

George Iloka Interception

Kellen Moore Touchdown Pass

Reflections on Tailgating

Ian Johnson Touchdown

Utah State Fumble

Coin Flip

Moore to Pettis - Touchdown

2 Replies to “Boise State vs Utah State 11-08-08”

  1. Your new camera takes some pretty good pictures.
    Just remember when back to GreenBay next weekend to watch the game and not thru the lens of the camera.

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