Raiders Fire Kiffin

Normally I don’t do “Breaking News” sorts of things but I just wanted to point this out.

The Oakland Raiders… well, technically the corpse of Al Davis has fired their head coach of a year and a half.  Why is this news?  Well, because of who the scuttlebutt is over who will replace him.  The rumor mill has thrown out a few names, and one of them stands out.

None other than U of I’s own Tom Cable!

Yes, the head coach that single-handedly started the Vandals slide into obscurity is now poised to take over the Raiders.  Somehow I just know he will be hired. You watch.

For the record, Mr. Cable went 11-35 in 4 years (2000-2003)as the head man.  He took over for the moderately successful Chris Tormey who left for Nevada (fresh off the bowl victory and the last time they beat Boise State).  Idaho has since gone spiraling down the drain with 11 wins since.  A drain that good old Tom “Dumpster Fire” Cable laid the groundwork for.

Do it Raiders.  He’d be perfect for you.

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