19 Hours and Counting

Apple iPhoneUntil the iPhone 3G.

Yes, I am going to attempt to get one first thing come 8am tomorrow morning when they all go on sale.

Now, this is a new thing for me. I mean, as much of a tech geek as I am, I have never been the first to jump on something. For example, the xbox 360 was out for over a year before I jumped into that pool. I have never been one to always have the latest and greatest, nor am I one who buys into hype. It probably doesn’t help that I don’t really like battling crowds unless I absolutely have to, and that’s what these “hot” launches attract. Crowds.

That is the strange thing about me. I love gadgets and technology, but I really haven’t gone out of my way to acquire them. For example, I have never owned a laptop personally. Granted, Jess has one that I get to use, but it isn’t “mine”. I’ve just never bought one. I almost did this spring with the US Government’s “Tax Stimulus” deal, but that money ended up going to the new house. Also, I have never owned an iPod. Not one. Since they first launched with the first generation in 2001, over 170 MILLION iPods have been sold. 7 year old girls own them. Grandmothers own them. I never have. I just find that odd. Sure, I’ve had a couple different “MP3 players” but never that little Apple beauty.

Of course, that should hopefully change tomorrow. As you may or may not know, the iPhone 3G is the second generation iPhone, which came out a year ago. I almost bought one then but that strange barrier in my head prevented me. I have been tempted tempted many times, most horribly about 4 months ago. We were out having drinks with some friends, and I was given an up close demo of Alex’s iPhone. I very very nearly bought one the next day. But, there was scuttlebutt on the net that supposedly sometime in 2008 Apple was going to release the 2.0 version. So, I swallowed that desire and settled in to wait. 2 months later, they officially announced it.

Now, the waiting is finished, and I’m leaping into the 21st century. Honestly, it is the mobile internet feature that I am most excited about. (Full Feature List) That is the “killer app” that is really pushing me to get it. I mean, I really don’t like phones. I don’t dig on talking on phones. As it stands, I probably use about 40 minutes a month of actual talk airtime. But, to be able to email people and surf the web? That’s what I’m talkin about! Not to mention mobile blogging… imagine. I’m waiting in line at the DMV one day, and you might get a hillarious real time post on this here forum about how the goober in front of me in the overalls with no shirt wonders if he can take his drivers test in his tractor. How great would that be?

So really, this isn’t just a gift for me. It’s a gift for us all. May we all bask in the all powerful glow of iPhone.

18 hours 38 minutes…

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  1. May your family not come to hate your phone, the way that my family has come to hate mine. Mobile internet rocks… and I’ll likely upgrade from my Treo 750 to the 3G iPhone now that it has ActiveSync.

    Does Wirestone run MS Exchange for groupware?

  2. Yes, mobile blogging is the BEST 🙂 I got AT&T’s Tilt phone which is really cool too. I have to admit that the iphone would have probably been my first choice but I am too much a slave to Microsoft to have anything other than Windows Mobile.

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