Aloha means goodbye

We have just had the umpteenth snowstorm so far this winter. My car was again frozen in place this morning. I’m tired of snow. I’m tired of cold. I’m tired of scraping my windshield. I’m tired of gloves and hats and coats. I am so sick to death of winter I can’t even describe.

Luckily, we’ve done a little something about that. Jess and I have settled on our honeymoon destination. And is it a doozy.

Maui, bitches.

That’s right. Following the August melding of the Haberman and Winkle families into a singular lump, we are jetting off to The Valley Isle for 7 days 6 nights of pure unadulterated tropical relaxation. We will be staying at the four star Westin Maui, along Ka’anapali beach in Lahaina, Hawaii. In a “Premium Deluxe Oceanview Room” even! And after a long summer of planning and organizing for the big day, I get the distinct impression that we will need it.

We’ve spent the last few weeks tossing around ideas. Close to home as well as far away. Some of the finalists were an Alaskan Cruise… Victoria, BC (which I’ve heard amazing things about) or maybe even Santa Cruz California again. Finally, we both kinda thought that someplace tropical would be great. And, as Jess said, “Go big or go home”. So, we went big. Started researching Hawaiian destinations, hitting all the major travel sites. Read reviews and looked at photos. Finally settling on Maui and specifically the Westin (we liked the last one we stayed in). Then we set about finding the best price we could. We even talked to a travel agent. Unfortunately, the cheapest she could get us there was a whole $1200 more than we found on Expedia for the exact same trip (same flights and rooms and everything). So, we just bit the bullet and booked that bastard.

We fly out Monday morning, August 18th, allowing us Sunday to rest and recover from Saturday’s frivolity. Fly to SLC, then on to Maui. Return the next Sunday/Monday (you redeye it back from the islands). Dear lord, I can’t wait.

Although it is still 7 whole months away, it makes this dreary, snow scraped wilderness we’re currently inhabiting that much easier to tolerate. Just the very thought of me, sitting on the beach with some tropical drink served in a coconut (complete with mini umbrella), watching the sun set with my new bride at my side warms my very cockles.

Not to mention, that it gives us 7 months to save in order to pay for it all… Aloha everyone.

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  1. I seem to recall a similar post about the sun & heat last summer. Make sure to take your sunscreen! Did a definite date get chosen? I missed that post too..

  2. Hmmm… seems ya dropped the ball there, me boy-o. I was wondering what all these folks meant; you didn’t post a date. Then I remembered, oh yeah, you guys told me in person.
    Here I thought these poor souls just weren’t keeping up on their reading…

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