Billy Joel – Concert in Boise

Originally, I wasn’t going to go to Billy Joel. The $100+ price (not including all the associated fees and whatnot) was simply too much. I mean, I like Billy Joel, but dropping over two bills for Jess and I to go simply didn’t seem worth it.

After making that decision, I would have random pangs of guilt. I’ve always wanted to see him live, and I was passing on the option because it’s too expensive?

Eventually, however, my procrastination paid off. The arena released a number of cheap tickets in the nose-bleed section of the building for a scant $27 (again, plus fees) a piece. Well, now you’re talking my language. I jumped on the tickets without delay.

I’m sure the ticket prices had to do with the piss pour turnout at the show. The Statesman said there was 7,000 there and I think that would be a stretch. Kinda sad, really. This is a fickle town and won’t just shell out whatever it takes to see these performers. Hell, I’m one of those people. Without the cheap tix, I wouldn’t have been there either.

The show was last night. And it was a pretty damn good show.

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