Well gang, I finally heard back from Wirestone.  They want to bring me in for an interview tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 9:00am.

A little background, I saw this ad posted to Craigslist and my eyes almost popped out of my head.  It was something I’m qualified to do with the company I would like to work for.  Perfect combination, eh?

So, I submitted my resume’ and cover letter.  I had been in touch with them a few times, but finally heard back yesterday that the hiring manager wanted to meet me.

Anyway, if you got the time, send a few good vibes my way tomorrow, say 9ish.

Wish me luck.

Poor Micron

The big news around here in Idaho is the potential layoffs at Micron, one one of the largest employers in the valley. The Idaho Statesman has been writing articles all week about how the employees are nervous and how to survive layoffs and to find a new job, on and on.

Screw Micron and their weenie employees.

Now, I know some people that work at Micron and I’m not trying to say anything bad about them. But Micron employees don’t know anything about a shitty work environment.

Hewlett Packard, where I work, has been having layoffs… er… excuse me… Work Force Reductions (or WFR) for the past 7 years. I started 8 years ago when we were fat and happy. We were growing. Then Carly Fiorina took over and drove us straight into the shithouse. I think I have survived probably a dozen rounds of WFR, at least. Absolutely no one in the HP Services are safe. They even had one round of WFR that was only managers. NO ONE is safe.

Of the people I worked with in my first year, I would say that 90% are now gone. But, HP in their infinite wisdom spaces out those WFRs as to not really make the news. The downside of this approach, however, is that it never stops hanging over your head.  Ever.  You think that its fun to work with your head permanently cemented on the chopping block?  Lemme tell you, not particularly. On my current web team which I have been on since it was created 7 years ago, we started with 4 people. The first one was let go maybe 4 years ago. Another was gone a year and a half ago. Leaving two of us… and as of 2 weeks ago, I am now the only remaining member.

As you can probably imagine, the morale around that place has been just stellar for YEARS. Every single person that I’ve talked to does not expect to be at HP for their career. Most are amazed, as I am, that we’re even still there. Everyone has lost close friends to the WFR process. Nobody knows when another round of WFRs will come or who will be hit. All anyone knows is that it is going to happen again. All this does is foster a very poor environment. Some people still try to care about the company, but HP does everything they can to beat that out of you. To be perfectly honest, those who are WFRed are more relieved than anything. At least they can finally stop thinking and worrying about it.

I wish I could work somewhere where I would feel valued as an employee. That would be a wonderful change of pace.

So, you wussy Micron people who are scared for your jobs, I don’t wanna hear it. Get back to me when you have been looking at layoffs which could come at any time for 7 straight years. Then, I might feel a little sympathy for you. Until then, shut it.

To California – The Cars

California Trip 109 One can not describe a trip to California without discussing what is apparently their state animal, the automobile. The number of cars in that state is mind boggling.

Our Rental Car

Upon arriving in San Jose and taking the bus to the rental car park area, we found Hertz and got issued a car. It was a decent looking silver Toyota Camry. We loaded our bags into the trunk, when I noticed there wasn’t any navigation system. I really really wanted one of these things for two reasons actually. One, we were planning on driving all over the bay area and sometimes navigating by traffic signs really sucks hard. And two, I’m a gigantic nerd and wanted to play with it.

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