The Pigturducken – Update

pigturducken2.jpgSo, in the last post (To Salt Lake… Again) I talked about how they served a “Pigturducken” (apparently, all one word is the preferred vernacular – google search here). It was singlehandedly the most amazing piece of meat I have ever seen, let alone eaten.

Now, I have a pic of the beast before the 14 hours of cooking. I warn you, if you’re not a meat person, you might want to skip this one.

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First, that is bbq sauce on the pig, not blood (as Jess thought). I will grant you, raw pigs are a bit gross as it always looks a little to human like for my taste, and I admit, that is a tad too autopsy-photoish (or perhaps a murder victim from the movie Seven). But I will say this… that thing was still damn tasty.

If you have the means, I highly recommend trying one.

Order your own here

3 Replies to “The Pigturducken – Update”

  1. But it’s burnt to a crisp! I don’t think anyone around here has served Pigturducken, what next a Cowpigturducken!
    yes the raw version does look disgusting….take the head off please or atleast put an apple in it’s mouth!

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