This Day In History

Many things have happened over the years on April 3rd. You may remember this as the day the Pony Express was created. Or perhaps the day the US Coast Guard was created (then the Revenue Marine Service). Today is also the birthday of both Wayne Newton and Tony Orlando (how frightening is that?), as well as Marlon Brando, Eddie Murphy, and Alec Baldwin.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot… one year ago today was the day. I usually refer to it as ‘Black Monday‘.

Frankly, I had almost forgotten. About a month ago, I knew it was coming up and was kinda dreading it. But not that it’s here, it is almost a non event.

Granted, that day, and the following month was just about as bad as anything I’ve ever experienced. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. I think I’m still feeling the aftershocks from that evening. Of course, I can remember it like it was yesterday, and in many ways, it feels much closer than a year ago.

However, that being said, I’m not near as down today as I thought I would be. I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that I’m in a relationship with Jess and we’re doing good. I feel like myself around her. It’s kinda amazing that my goofiness has come back. I didn’t realize that was kinda whipped out of me near the end. But now, I’m back to making sarcastic remarks, making fun of myself, laughing, singing. I’m sure Jess could tell you just how dumb I can be.

So, I guess I felt like I should put something in this space about this day, since that day was the impetus for starting this whole thing. I do love having a blog. I love writing. I love having you folks out there, all 6 of you, read what I write.

And since I don’t have much more to say about that, I’ll just leave it now. I feel good. I still regret what happened and wish it hadn’t, but there ain’t a damn thing I can do about that now. Onward and upward.

And, just because, behold the Meatcake

9 Replies to “This Day In History”

  1. I’m glad it’s all going smooth for you. I like the blog too, gives me something to read at work! Keep it up Jas!

  2. That meatcake thing is the grossest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Bleah.

    Wow…a year, huh? I too, remember that nite like it was last nite. Glad it’s behind you and that things have significantly improved since then. We’re glad you’re back.

    Love you.

  3. Meatcake! now that takes the cake. grin…

    Glad to hear that you have this part of your life under control.

    I won the pool. My total score was one point off the total. As we were watching the end of the game I started counting the score down, not caring who made the baskets, just as long as someone made them. 160 was my game total and it ended at 159. How about that?

  4. Glad to see the upbeat attitude. And that meatcake…maybe I’m just weird, but I thought that little picture on top looked like something other than a t-bone. I thought of a uterus. Maybe I spend way too much time thinking about and looking at uteruses? Uteri? Oh hell…

  5. You are lucky, Jason. I get to hear that kind of stuff ALL the time at home.

    Wow. A year. Well, better times are here and ahead.

  6. Jas, I remembered the day and was a little concerned about your frame of mind. Thank God for Jess! I know you wouldn’t have believed it then, but things do happen for a reason, and it’s only going to get better for you from now on. We are so happy to have our goofy ole Jas back– back then you were starting to get a little GQ on us. Love you…

  7. Amen to all of the above. And I, too, am thoroughly grateful for Jess and the fact that we’re a pretty tight group again. Keep it up Jas. Love you.

  8. Meatcake!! I’m going to have to make me one of them, lol.
    Glad to hear your doing so well. read about your computer woes too. that sucks!! Hope you have things back in working order soon.

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