Subway again

A while back I went to Subway in search of a sandwich (duh). Upon seeing they were out of lettuce, I left. Cursing off Subway until further notice. Well, a few days ago, I finally go back to Subway. I was craving a ‘spicy Italian’. So, I walk into a completetly different Subway at about 7:00pm. Nobody behind the counter… hmmm. I get up to the sneeze guard and what do I see? A printed 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper taped to said sneeze guard stating “We are out of bread until 7:30”.


I thought there was no way it would ever be more pathetic than to run out of lettuce. How wrong I was. Run out of bread? Pardont me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this a SANDWICH SHOP?! How do you run out of bread? Seriously. Explain that to me. At least, if you run out of lettuce, you can still sell some of your wares (meatball sub, for example). However, I’m pretty sure that when you sell sandwiches, if you run out of bread, you are done.

What the hell sort of 3 toed sloths do they have running these restaruants? At this point I’m pretty sure a drunken orangataun could probably be more successful. Not to mention, if they can run out of lettuce and run out of bread IN SEPARATE RESTARUANTS, what does that say about the people they have running the show? I don’t know about you, but I seriouly doubt I want these people handling anything I might ingest. And you thought ‘forgetting’ to wash your hands after using the restroom might be the worst… there is no telling what these people are capable of. “Uh… I spilled drain opener into the hot peppers? Is that bad?” Assistant Manager: “Nah… I think thats fine. The peppers are spicy anyway, right?”

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  1. For what it’s worth, we went to Subway yesterday, and not only did they have bread and lettuce…they had TOO much bread. Maybe they had your Subway’s bread… Maybe it’s some sort of Subway practical joke? I dunno.

    Maybe try Blimpie next time?

  2. I do like Blimpie. However, I have about 6 Subway’s in a 2 mile radius from my apartment.

    I think I have 1 Blimpie within a 4 mile radius, and that one is in a freakin Wal-Mart. I certainly don’t like Blimpie that much.

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