Flying Solo

One thing that I’ve been doing a little bit of the past several weeks is something new for me. In the past, when dining out alone, I always got food to go and brought it back home. Always. Never even considered doing otherwise. However, you always see people in movies dining out alone. Of course, they always meet the chick while doing so, but that’s not what interested me.

I recently subscribed to ESPN the magazine (which is terrific, by the way). It comes biweekly. So, every time I get a new issue, I’ll take it with me and hit a sports pub somewhere. I’ll order dinner, have a beer or two, and pretty much read it cover to cover. Watch a little sports on TV. Just get out of the house.

Granted, I’m not meeting anyone, or even talking to anyone for that matter, but I’m enjoying it a little bit. So far I’ve gone to Busters in Eagle a couple times, The Ram in Eagle, The Ha’ Penny, and Cheerleaders.

Last night I was at the Ram having dinner. Watching a baseball game, and reading the magazine. I noticed that most defintely I wasn’t the only guy doing the same. There were 3 or 4 other guys who were either reading the paper or whatever, and having dinner and beers. Nice to have a little psuedo-company. Plus, the Ram is always kinda fun since they have the NTN trivia which I enjoy. I really wish I could find someplace that did old fashioned pub trivia one night a week somewhere… a place where I could perhaps get on a regular team. I think that would be fun.

It’s all part of the process of being comfortable doing alone that which I like doing while coupled. I just gotta find new ways to do things.

On a side note, I had the club sandwich. I really like those things, however there is the one downside. Good lord to they shred the inside of your mouth. That damn toast combined with the thickness of the sandwich, its kinda like rubbing sandpaper inside of your teeth. Unfortunately, I can’t really come up with a solution… its gotta be toasted. Plain bread is a dud. I guess you could go not as thick, but there’s a lot of stuff on a good club. Oh well, sometimes personal sacrafice is necessary for things you love, right?

I’m excited for NFL this season, because George has said that we need to find a regular place somewhere to go every Sunday to watch some games. Preferably somewhere with HD, where you can hear the game, and decent food. It will be fun to hang out with my boy, watch some football, and just catch up every week.

3 Replies to “Flying Solo”

  1. You are much stronger than I am. I can barely buy groceries by myself. That may be mostly that I just hate shopping… but still. I hate doing stuff alone. Too insecure I guess. Good for you bro.

  2. There’s something incredibly freeing about doing things solo, I think. Good for you–just because you haven’t got someone around to do things you enjoy is no reason NOT to do those things.

    You’re getting there, buddy! Keep on workin…..

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