Enough belly-achin’ from me lately. I’ve thought up a few advantages to my current situation. Some of these might be stretches, but give me a break, huh?

Toilet paper lasts forever. Seriously, I think I use a roll a month. I purchased one pack (6 or 8 rolls) when I moved into my apartment 4 months ago, and I still have 2 rolls left. Used to burn through that stuff like crazy. Advantage?… perhaps.

I have lost so much weight, every single pair of pants and shorts I own can be pulled off without unbuttoning or unzipping. I guess I need to start updating the old wardrobe.

One thing I finally realized this morning. For the past couple months I have, on average, been getting to work much earlier than I ever did while married. I could never figure out why I can just pop out of bed and go to work all of a sudden. Before, I had to snooze a dozen times before finally rolling out of bed. I think the reason is that I now know exactly what I have to do on any given day. I don’t have to try to get as much sleep as I can because I’ve got a dozen things happening. Being the introverted type, one has to conserve energy to spend when out with people. (as an aside, I read the book The Introvert Advantage, and never before has a book made so much sense to me. Want to know why I am how I am, that book explains it. Amazing) Well, that was just about every day for me. Now, I’m spending so much time alone which recharges my batteries, that I have an abundance of energy. I’ve been working out almost every day. Apart from the depression, I physically feel good. I guess I didn’t know just how draining that life was for me. I cannot tell you just how much I would look forward to those rare days when G would be doing something and I was home alone. They were rare, but did I love them. Now, that’s my whole life. If anything, the pendulum might have swung a little to far the other way, but that can be fixed, hopefully.

I’m still getting used to having every day be mine, but I’m learning to enjoy it. If I want to watch a movie? Do it. Want to spend 4 straight hours playing xbox? Do it. Need to get some work done? Do it whenever you want. Want to spend a couple of bucks on something? I don’t have to try to explain and justify it to anyone. Granted, its not like she would shoot me down for stuff, but I would make myself feel guilty for some reason if I wanted to buy some software or something. I do kinda wish I had a single friend in the same boat who could do the same sorts of things. Weekend in Seattle. Quick trip to Vegas. I’m not saying my friends are all whipped or anything, but they do have wives they have to compromise with. I won’t begrudge anyone that. But still…

Speaking of which… marriage is expensive. Especially when she wasn’t really pulling in much cash working part time. I have a lot more cash in my pocket these days. I haven’t really changed how I live that much… so I guess we can sorta figure out who was the expensive one, eh?

I can’t say that I don’t wish I still owned a house. Apartment life sucks. But, at least I have a respite from all the related rigmarole. No lawn maintenance. No weeding flower beds. I really have never enjoyed gardening and the like. So, not having to do it now is nice. It wasn’t just the ‘doing it’ that sucked… it was the hanging over your head that it had to be done.

I will say that overall, life is much simpler these days. I’m sure there are other advantages, but I haven’t run across them yet. Plus, its still a debate on whether the pros are outweighing the cons for me yet.

On another note, I’ve been listening to ESPN Radio this morning. They are having the annual Jimmy V Cancer Foundation auction. Up for auction this hour is a package of a Notre Dame football game, complete with a lunch with Charlie Weiss (head coach), airfare, hotel, game tickets, pep rally, etc etc etc. I know this thing will probably go for $20,000 or something (its a national radio show) but if I had unlimited funds, I would buy that auction item. That sounds like so much fun, I can’t even describe it. The show host, Colin Cowherd, has said something that I totally believe in. “Life is about experiences”. It’s true. When you’re 90, you are not going to remember work. You’re going to remember the time you went to Hawaii. Going to a Michigan vs. Notre Dame football game. Seeing autumn in New England. Drinks in a pub in Ireland. The time your raft went over the waterfall. Experiences. There are a number of experiences I still want to have. Hopefully, I’ll find someone to have those with. Many experiences are far better with someone to share it with.

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  1. I love this post. I think you’re getting better, if ever so slowly. Glad to see it. And George can spend as much money as he wants, whenever he wants. Just keep that bit between you and me.

  2. Yay! I knew it would happen…keep looking for those positives–and you WILL find someone marvelous who will appreciate who you are to share experiences with. I know this to be true.

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