Silent Bob Speaks

I don’t know if anyone else is a Kevin Smith fan (Clerks, Dogma, Chasing Amy), but I love the guy. He has a blog where he writes about all kinds of stuff. You can tell that he is first and foremost a writer. Very entertaining. His blog is

Now, bear in mind, he is definitely for mature audiences. But I find him very funny. For example, here is a post he wrote about visiting a strip club in his native New Jersey. On the Perils of Strip Clubs. Again, be warned. Adult language and themes are included.

He also has a post where he talks about a benefit he had in his house for his daughters school. It is amusing to read since the kind of fundraisers that hollywood types have certainly differ from the type of participants than yours or mine. Johnny Rotten vs. Stan Lee. Even just read the names of the people he got to come and read poetry. Very impressive. Would have been a fun night to be at.

Then, on the biographical side, he has written a multipart history of his life with Jason Mewes (Jay, to his Silent Bob) who has been a drug addict for many years. It details how Kevin tried to help him repeatedly over the years. I’ve never known a drug addict, but he really gives a feeling of what it is like. Even if you don’t know who these people are, you might find this story interesting. It begins here Me and My Shadow pt. 1 Its a heartbreaking tale that ends up in a good place. It is very long, but worth the read if you have some time.
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9 – Conclusion

Ok, enough Kevin Smith. More soon.