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It’s well established that I like all things tech. Thusly, it should not surprise you that when Chris Hillman talked me into getting a account, I originally balked, but soon caved.

Now, I’m enjoying it, especially the little piece where you can update your “status”. And now, since I have gotten the Facebook App for the iPhone, I can mobilly update my status whenever I feel the urge.

Which made me think… perhaps there would be a way to incorporate that information into my blog…

Well, scan your eyes to the right, just below the picture of your glorious author. What you will find there is my current facebook status. Fun right?

What this means for you is even if you don’t have facebook and add me as a friend (or if you do, go here: you can still see my status. Even better, there will often be at least a little something new for you to see on every single visit, as I am tending to update that thing multiple times a day.


3 Replies to “More Dorkiness”

  1. You should know as well as anyone… I have never, and will never Never NEVER use MySpace.

    I believe it is the preponderance of flashing red text on pink backgrounds and horrible music blasting out of the speakers combined with the layout skills of a retarded gorilla that turns me off.

    Frankly, I’d rather set myself on fire.

  2. Not to pressure you….but if you join Twitter, your Twitter updates can be set to automatically update your Facebook updates. And there are a lot of great Twitter apps for iphone too. It’s like two for the price of one! The twitter updates are cool because your updates can be replied to and it is fun to see a bunch of your friend’s updates (including yours) in one place. I’m hooked.

    Oh, and thanks to you and Apple’s poisonous marketing scheme, I am now working on upgrading my phone to iphone. I went into a store the other day and picked up an iphone and played with it for about an hour. I’m hooked….now to decide if I can pay full price for it since I don’t qualify for the $199.

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