More Dorkiness

It’s well established that I like all things tech.  Thusly, it should not surprise you that when Chris Hillman talked me into getting a account, I originally balked, but soon caved.

Now, I’m enjoying it, especially the little piece where you can update your “status”.  And now, since I have gotten the Facebook App for the iPhone, I can mobilly update my status whenever I feel the urge.

Which made me think… perhaps there would be a way to incorporate that information into my blog…

Well, scan your eyes to the right, just below the picture of your glorious author.  What you will find there is my current facebook status.  Fun right?

What this means for you is even if you don’t have facebook and add me as a friend (or if you do, go here: you can still see my status.  Even better, there will often be at least a little something new for you to see on every single visit, as I am tending to update that thing multiple times a day.


The Season Has Arrived

So far this year, I have been so incredibly lax in my writing of Boise State related blog posts.  It is personally upsetting to view my paltry record since the first of the year.

Since January 1, I have posted a grand total of 5 pieces that even mention Boise State.  That is absolutely pathetic.

Of course, I have been a little busier than normal this past 9 months… what with the new job, buying and moving into a new house, and that pesky little wedding and honeymoon thing.  Makes me tired just thinking about it all.

It makes it all the worse when you realize the sorts of things I had to blog about in that time.  I mean, we saw us lose horribly to East Carolina in the Hawaii bowl.  The first time in 5 years we aren’t the defending WAC champs.  Long time radio voice Paul J getting unceremoniously dumped on his ass after 36 years of service.  Not one, but two underclassmen declaring for the NFL and both getting drafted.  Construction and completion of the new SkyBox addition on Bronco Stadium.  The blue turf was replaced with a better alternative and the “crown” was removed from the field.  The coaches selecting a red-shirt freshman to start at QB for the first time in program history.  Whew.  How the hell did I miss most, if not all of this?  Oh right… the “busy” thing.

Now, it’s game time.  We are 28 and a half hours away from kickoff vs the vaunted Bengals of Idaho State.  I feel strangely detached so far.  I could probably name a total of 12 of the 22 starters on both sides of the ball, but no matter.  We’ve got real games going on.  Time to buck up and enjoy the hell out of things.

I will say, if you want to see football season hurry up and get here, all you have to do is get insanely busy all summer and BANG… it’ll be here before you know it.

I can’t guarantee I will pick up the pace of Boise State pieces.  All I can do is say, I WANT to write more.  If that happens, then great.

Game on!