Enough Already

Ok, I am officially sick to freakin death of The Da Vinci Code. For the past week every informational/learning channel out there has been showing more and more and MORE of these shows relating to it. Be it ‘Mysteries from the Bible’ or ‘Beyond the Da Vinci Code’ or ‘Inside the Knights Templar’. Enough. Yes, we got it. You’re trying to cash in on the movie’s release. But now that the weekend is over, can we please get back to a variety of subjects? Please? I swear, they really ramped it up this weekend and it was all Da Vinci all the time.

I have seen Da Vinci related shows on every one of the following channels: Discovery, The Learning Channel, The History Channel, A&E, History International, Science Channel, National Geographic Channel… even the freakin TRAVEL Channel has had crap on it. The only holdouts were the channels that couldn’t really pull it off, Military Channel, HGTV, Food Network, Discovery Health, ESPN(s). Thank god for those channels. If I see one more Da Vinci thing, I’m going to hurt somebody.

Yes, this does have me hot under the collar. I’m in a fragile state right now and simple things can set me off. This is one of those things. At least you can pretty much always find a Law & Order or spinoffs on 24 hours a day.

The real frustrating part was that The Da Vinci Code wasn’t even that good of a book. It was a near duplication of his earlier and far superior Angels & Demons. I highly recommend that one. However, if you’ve read Da Vinci first, you’re going to think A&D is ripping it off. Its not. For some good old Da Vinci Code bashing


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