The Day

Today, May 15th, is the 4 year anniversary of G and my first date. Yes, I remember these dates… thats the kind of guy I am. Met at Bittercreek Ale House and had a really good time. Moving on.

I have some pretty good family. Older sister has had me over for many meals in the past month, and has invited even more than I could attend. Its always nice to feel like you’re wanted.

Then, after reading an earlier post, my little sister brought me a yellow cake with chocolate frosting when we got together for mother’s day. How cool is that? (The cake is terrific, by the way).

Speaking of mothers day, in my haste to get to my sisters for brunch, I forgot my card/gift for mom. Good lord do I feel like a putz. If it wasn’t a 30 minute trip one way back to the apartment, I’d have gone and gotten it. Well, at least she has something to look forward to, right? Brunch with the whole family was nice. I’m back to being the fifth wheel (only one with no partner) but I’m pretty used to that. I was single a long time before I got married. Will probably be sinlge a long time again.

George came over on Saturday and we had a guys night. He brought the rest of the beer that I had taken to his house for the BBQ last weekend. So, we drank beer, ordered a pizza, played some xbox 360, and watched the movie Munich. All in all a pretty decent evening. Also on Saturday, I found a great area rug for my bedroom. The comforter I bought is greenish and has circles/polka dots sorta on it. I found this rug that is the same sort of patern. Matches very nicely. This is the first ‘decorative’ piece I’ve bought for the apartment. Mostly, I want to protect the carpet in high traffic areas. Save me some cash when I move out. I really need another rug, a bookshelf, throw pillows, and some art for the walls. I don’t want to live in a sparse white box. I’m a fairly creative guy. I think I have a theme for the living room. I’m going with black, red and shades of brown/khaki (existing carpet, recliner and leather couch are shades of brown). Then, I’m going to do a ‘jazz’ sorta thing. There are a couple ‘paintings’ at Cost Plus that are cool, and I can put up some Sinatra pictures and mount my vinyl Sinatra album covers on the wall as well. Combined with the really cool ceramic stuff my little sister has made, I think I can get a decent result out of it. Will just cost some cash, so I have to do it piece by piece.

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  1. You ought to put a hit counter on this blog so you can see how many hits you’re getting…or at least so *I* can see how many hits you’re getting…


  2. Just so you know… You are one of the most incredibly talented, hard working, and sweetest guys I know. You have way more friends than you think you do!

    Hmmmm… need cake pans. 😉 I have extra.


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