Hey all. I really appreciate you guys reading this, I really like to know you’ve been here and have shared in my thoughts and ideas. On to the post.

Since all of this started, my appetite as gone right into the shitter. I eat maybe a meal and a half a day. Trying to drink a lot of water due to the kidney stone episode a few months ago, which I have no desire to relive (story of another post). When I do eat, I’m trying to eat things that are good for me. Thusly, I have dropped at least 20 lbs in the past few months. I am down to the very last hole on my belt. Measuring the distance, I have lost 3 to 4 inches off my waist. I have boxers that I can’t wear anymore because they don’t stay on and my watch does hula-hoops around my wrist. So, even if I don’t feel good, at least I look good. Not that I can recommend the divorce diet to anyone.

Also, on the food topic… since I moved into my apartment 5 weeks ago I have cooked in exactly once. See Some ‘PD’ friends below. Tacos for cinco de mayo. Bear in mind, that I enjoy cooking and what I made was certainly not gourmet. Mom asked me the other day what I’ve been eating and I couldn’t even remember. I guess I eat a little at the cafeteria at work… and maybe a few nights a week at family and friends places. The occasional pizza. My love of pizza is one thing that has not gone away.

I also still crave sweets every now and then. Of course, I don’t have any in the apartment, so I usually do without, but I have indulged once or twice. I have been craving a nice yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I would make one, but I don’t have… uh… anything.

Well, I think I’m going to go to bed early. I was awake way too late last night and could hardly drag ass out of bed this morning.

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  1. Just found your blog from your link on Fark, thought I’d drop you a line and tell you to cheer up.

    You’re what, 30? You’ve got another good 30 years ahead of you. Find something you love that can’t be taken from you and pour yourself into that for a while. There are other women. This one sounds like she didn’t deserve you anyway.

    /I swear to god, I’m not gay.
    //Felt bad for you after reading some of this.

  2. Hey… just found your divorce blog through (you’re probably going to hear that a lot the next few days).

    Back at the end of January, I closed on a brand-new house for me and my girlfriend-of-five-years-and-apartment-cohabitor-of-two-and-a-half-years to move into, and we did, finally being ‘all in’ the house on Valentine’s Day. Her credit rating is shot due to job loss, foreclosure & bankruptcy of three years ago, so the house deal was 100% in my name. Good thing, too, because two weeks later, she moved out again to go live with the guy she’s been cheating online with for the past three months. Yeah, just like that. Boom.

    Hit me like a total ton of bricks. But I can definitely see parallels in what I’ve gone through in my head and what you’re going through in yours. Thank you for sharing them – you’ve helped me by showing that what I’ve been going through isn’t happening to me all alone, ‘cuz that’s how it’s felt. It sucks that we have to go through it, but we can both survive.

    And yeah, you deserve better. So do I.
    Hang in there… it gets better.

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