Weird Dream

dream_standard_1280x960.jpgLately, I’ve had some real doozy dreams, mainly about the house. But yesterday morning I had one of the strangest experiences of my life, and that is saying something because I’m a very vivid dreamer and often remember them. Sometimes I’ve even been able to control them.

First, the real life events. Jess and I were asleep early early morning. I don’t think it was even light out yet. We have been sleeping with the window open because it is already pretty warm upstairs without the AC on.

Anyway, we were both dead asleep when there is this large BOOM outside. I mean loud. I’m a deep sleeper and it was loud enough to wake me up. In that groggy way, we both kinda turn to each other and ask what the hell that was. I couldn’t come up with an answer. I still can’t. It wasn’t like a firecracker or gunshot, it was much deeper. It wasn’t a sonic boom because it sounded much closer and there were no reverberations. Just one crisp, loud, deep “boom”. It wasn’t preceded or followed by any other sounds. Very strange. I kept my eye on to see if something happened that was newsworthy. But no such luck.

So, in my dream, I only remember a very short snippet before I woke up. Maybe 7 or 8 seconds. But its the content that freaked me out. In my dream, Jess handed me a large party balloon tied to a ribbon. She then took one of those safety letter openers and slid it along the ribbon until it hit the balloon and popped it. AT THE EXACT SAME TIME AS THE BOOM OUTSIDE.

I just don’t know what to make of that. Is it purely coincidence? That seems unlikely to me. Is it that my brain distorted “dream time” to make it seem longer when in fact all of that action took place instantaneously upon hearing the boom? Kinda like deja vu or something? Something else? Brain tumor? I really don’t know.

You gotta admit, that is pretty strange.

House update: We’re meeting with the home inspector today. Perhaps I will get some more photos actually taken by me to post on here. Check back.